What’s In My Make-up Bag??

Many woman travel around from day to day with their makeup “essentials” or “most needed” located in “the makeup bag” that sits at the bottomless pit of a fashionable handbags, right? Many of these items are products needs for touch ups like: blotting papers, lip balms and such, and other items for care like your favorite meds for blotting, contact solutions, etc. Many of you ask me what do I carry in my makeup up bag? An you know what?? I am human and I do carry around some of my favorite items for essential touch ups or just in-case products. And, let me tell my makeup bag is FULL, lol. Just not enough room to carry it all and… I make it work! Of course knowing me I will be on a hunt for a bigger, prettier, designer version of a makeup bag, why?? Who knows!!

Anyways, I decided to film a video and create a tag video so I can see what YOU carry in your makeup bag. So if you film videos on youtube please to share a video response to this video (click here to be direct to my “What’s in my Makeup Bag Tag Video” on my youtube channel), so I can see what you carry in your fabulous bag!! If you do not make videos please leave your comments below on what you carry in your makeup bag too!!

What’s in My Make-up Bag Tag Video

List of Products I carry in my bag:




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Beauty Chameleon’s Beauty Favorites of July 2011

Hey beauties! I am back with another video to share with you all. I have been watching many beauty favorites of the month on YouTube and I was thinking I need to start that back up again, right? Well, I know my beauty favorites of the July is a little late, but I feel better late than never right? Anyway listed below are my favorites for the month of July and links to where you can buy them online if you don't live close to a store that carries them. Enjoy!

Beauty Chameleon's July Beauty Favorites:


Beauty Favorites: July 2011

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