Beauty Chameleon’s Favorites: Nailpolishes & Colors!

Nail polish, everyone woman loves to adorn their nails with color. Whether the color is bright and daring or soft and subdue nail polish can evoke a fun statement about the wearer. I love nail polish! It is an easy accessory that can be added to change my mood or accessorize my OFTD. Well, recently a sweet subscriber from my youtube channel NHOP76 had a special request to learn what my favorite nail polish brands where.She was very tired of buying nail polishes that would be either to watery or chip off as fast as you just applied the color. And, believe me I can totally relate to that so Makeupfriend this post is for you!

My nail polish collection is filled with brands from the drugstore like Sally Hansen's, Revlon, and maybelline to polishes you may find at Ulta like OPI, Orly & China Glaze from Sally Beauty Supply, and my latest favorites Sephora by OPI and MAC. I personally own about 90+ nail polishes so, instead of showing them all I decided to pick out my favorite colors and brands to share with you all. Before I talk about the color specifically I do recommend to used the following nail products to strengthen your nails as a base coat and a wonderful fast drying top coat.

Favorite Nail Basics:

Orly Nail Defense: What they say about this product, "Orly Nail Defense is protein and gelatin enriched to fortify weak nails. Bonds nail layers together, sealing the free edge to prevent peeling and chipping." When I use it fills in my nails and protects my nails from staining too!

Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat: What they say about this product, "Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat's patented formula allows top coat to penetrate through the nail lacquer to the base coat, forming a single solid coating over the nail plate. Can be used on natural nails, nail enhancements and pedicures." This product is amazing!! For one, you call apply this polish and freshly applied nail polish and it dries the nail polish in less than 5 minutes!! There are many times I needed a color on fast and this product never fails me!

Now for some fun!! Keep in mind these are my favorites and what may work for me may not work for you, but in any case you will have a blast checking them out!! Here are my favorites Corals & Pinks, Nudes, Pinks & Purple, and Blues:




MAC Nail Polishes, $12: This is the first time I have used MAC nail polishes so this will be a bias review on MAC. The nail polish you see above is scorcher. With this shade I had to apply 2-3 coats to get the opacity you see me wear in videos, so to be far this one is not bad. Color is true and the wear is about the same as the other brands I will be talking about in this post. Overall is it worth the $12 you pay, maybe not.

OPI Classic Shades Nail Lacquer, $6-$8: Is one of my favorite nail polishes. I love the color variety and the fact that the polishes go on true to color. The only thing I wish OPI nail polishes had was nail hardeners in them. The chipping time is again 3 days for me because I am a mom and I am always cleaning something and getting my nails wet a lot.

Orly Nail Lacquer, $8: I only own two of these nail lacquers and the are wonderful. I only have to put on 1-2 coats of this polish and the color is fab! No streaking and true to color for sure!! I need to get more of these in my life! Same with the OPI nail polishes they will begin to chip after 3 days, so definitely re-apply another coat.

China Glaze Nail Lacquer with Hardeners, $5.99: This is the least expensive at of all the nail polishes I have mention and my most favorite! I like the fact that the color is true, the nail lacquer has hardeners in the polish which will strengthen your nails will wearing the polish and the have such a huge variety of colors! Depending on the color this polish can chip within 2-3 days, but overall I LOVE this polish!!

SEPHORA by OPI, $9: These nail polishes are formulated and made by OPI. So the quality and wear is the same as I mentioned before. I like the fact that they have some trendy colors and they are much easier to find in store than the OPI nail polishes at times.


Overall, these are my favorites and regardless of nail polish brand you decided to use just remember to do the following to maintain your gorgeous manicure: Clean your nails and make sure your nails are free from any dirt and oil residue. This will ensure that you get a nice bond of your base coat to your nails. Next apply you base coat, follow with your favorite nail polish shade and finish off with a top coat to minimize chipping of the nail polish.

Stay Tuned For My Nail Polish Favorites Video:

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  1. Darlene says

    Great Post! We have some of the same tastes in polish. 🙂

    • Natasha says

      HI Darlene,

      They always say great minds think alike 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend, Tasha 🙂

  2. love it and love the prety pollishes cant wait to go to portland and go get that pallet at saphoras thank you for the tutorial nice look would love to see a nail look with the pretty colors you have again thank you and you are very pretty i think you can pull off any look 000

    • Natasha says

      Hi Natalie!!

      I am glad that you liked my tutorial on the Naked Palette!! I hope that you find it available at Sephora. If you are unable to find it there don’t forget to check out Ulta too. They now carry the palette too! Enjoy your shopping trip!


      Tasha 🙂

  3. Love the polishes! I also love all the ones that you wear in your YT vids. Sally's here I come, lol.

  4. I LOVE THESE POLISHES. I really appreciate you painting the nail tips with these colors so that we could get a better idea of the colors. Thanks!

  5. Tasha,
    Love your site.  Can you do a manicure tutorial?  Your nails always look so nice.

    • Natasha says

      I want to, but my current camera I own is horrible for close up video. I am praying that my hubby get me a new video camcorder for my Birthday on September 2nd!! Keep your fingers crossed, Tasha 🙂

  6. Tasha,
    Could you do a tutorial on just the make-up brushes and their uses, your favorites and recommendations?  Sort of like what you did with the nail polishes?


    • Natasha says

      Hey Carla!

      I could definitely do that! That may be a late August video if that is okay, but I think this request is a great idea for sure!!
      Have a great evening,

      Tasha 🙂

  7. love the colors and the blue your weaing im going to do that one tonight lol unfortantly we dont have china glaze were im at 🙁 thank you love your vids and you are such a pretty woman xoxo thanks

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