Sensa Weight Loss System: The Reveal

Well hello my fitness chameleons!! It has been a little while since I did a blog post for this section of my blog and today I am ready to reveal to you what I am going to be experimenting with while I get back in shape! If you do not follow me on twitter ( you really should because I chat a lot there and I may reveal things there first before it reaches here or my youtube channel (NHOP76).

Back on Jan 31st I tweeted that I ordered Sensa! Yes, I did! As you will see in my video I ordered Sensa because of my awesome friend at work. I will just call her "B". "B" used Sensa's weight-loss system in 2010 and with minimum exercise and I mean minimum she lost 15 pounds!! I was truly amazed because Sense is not a weight loss stimulant at all. To find out more details about how Sensa work click "" to learn more or just watch my video below (smile). Anyway. . while seeing her success with it I thought to myself, "what if I used Sensa while eating a healthy diet, exercise 3-4 days a week and drinking lots of water would it accelerate my weight-loss?" So with my sick mind (remember I was sick around this time) I decided I am ordering Sensa ASAP to jump start my weight loss.

Now just for an Update on my weight loss at the beginning of the new year January 1st I weighted in at 196lbs, Yikes I know!! At the end of January I was down to 188lbs so without Sensa I had already lost 8lbs on my own. Later, moving into February my weight-loss was stalled because I was sick for the 1st week in February and exercise was cut out of my life until I start to feel better during the second week in this month. Finally, my Sensa arrived on Valentines Day and when I opened the package I knew it was on!

Sensa is VERY easy to use you just sprinkle it on foods and that's it!! For the past 2 weeks I have been using Sensa I have been eating healthy and completing 1-2 days of martial arts training and 2 days of cardio training from the comfort of my own home and let me tell you within the 2 weeks I have already lost 4 using  POUNDS sensa. Isn't that crazy!! So, my current weight is finally at 184lbs, Yahooooooooo!! I told my friend "B" this and she was like really? I am going to exercise more too!

So all in all, during my month 1 of Sensa I am loving this product and I totally recommend it to anyone that is trying to lose weight this year!! If you are trying to lose weight definitely go to "" and find out more about how this product can help you reach your weight loss goals in 2011!!

Sensa Weight Loss System: The Reveal Video


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Fitness With P90X: Day 25 (StretchX Workout) Nice. . .

Yesterday was better than expected! It was the first day of my diet changes and the first time I popped in the StretchX DVD from the P90X program. People! I totally recommend this workout, don’t skip it! If you are feeling sore from you other workouts in this program this is a must. The StretchX workout is about 58 minutes in length. Intially I thought the workout would be short in length because it was just a stretch workout, but know I understand why the workout is as long as it is. There are so many different muscles in our bodies that are challenged everyday with or without working and this DVD stretches every last muscle in your body. Man!! I needed this workout. Each stretch felt soooo good! I was sore from the previous workout and man today I feel great, relaxed and ready for cardio X!!

Anyway, my meal plan was delicious yesterday! I felt full with adding the extra protein with meat/dairy or protein powder. My meal plan was:

  • Breakfast: Muscle Milk Protein Shake in Vanilla Creme with 1/2 banana, 1/2 serving of strawberries, milk and 1/2 cup of ice. It was delicious and packed full of protein!! Water
  • Snack: Special K protein bar and water
  • Lunch: Lean Cuisine’s Beef Chow fun 15g protein, then I added 2tbsp of protein powder 10g, 1 serving of soy nuts. Man was this meal filling. If I did not add the extra protein I most likely would have been hungry in a 1 or 2 of having this meal. So, it is needed for sure
  • Snack: String cheese and water
  • Dinner: chicken breast, green beans and butternut squash soup + 1tbsp of protein powder. The soup recipe from the P90X book, yuck!! I must not like butternut squash, it was gross and I will have to make a substitute for this one. I was grossed out! and of course water

So, all in all I felt satisfied and today I am no longer sore, so maybe the extra protein works and the recovery drink works too. I tried a sample of a friend of mines and I may have to get it too! We will see. But anyway. I better get to my cardioX before I get to work today. I hope that you all are doing well and please let me know how you are does thus far. P.S. my scale is moving a bit!! Excited!!

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