Fitness with P90X (Day 37, 38 & 39) Update

This week I am feeling wiped out! I don’t know why? I am thinking that it is that time of the month and my body is challenging me. Also it has been a busy work weekend too being that it was valentine’s day weekend. So when I got home from work (retail/makeup) I was beat down! I am not kidding. If I had to say this is one weekend I was tired of makeup, lol. Anyway when I returned home I just wanted to rest, but I worked out anyway even though I did not want too, lol.

It was 9:30pm on Sunday night when I decided to do CardioX from the P90X program. It was late, but it got done and I am happy with that. The only down side is that I could not fall asleep right away which is not good because I woke up Monday morning and I was tired! For real! My son had school yesterday even though it was president day, so I was up at 6:30am, yikes!! Got him off to school and when I return home I was getting breakfast and myself ready for work in the afternoon. I was attempting to do the Chest, Arms and tricep DVD, but I was not feeling myself so. I stopped it to avoid not getting the full results of the workout and opted to have my rest day early this week and will continue the workouts as planned.

So, I guess my point is life does get in the way at times when you are trying to stay on point with the workouts, but the great thing is that you can always get back on track when you are ready and feeling well about it too!

With that said today is Day 39 which is week 6 for me and today workout will be Chest, Shoulders & Triceps, Ab ripper X (not my favorite still) My poor tummy is going to burn tonight. My plan for today so that I am not to full from my dinner before working out is to eat my dinner a bit earlier today. So, at work I plan to take advantage of my break time and use it for once. I get a 1 hour lunch break and two 15 minute breaks, so I will have my lunch as usual and then closer to the end of my shift I will take a 20 minute break to eat my dinner at 5:30pm. This will help me out so by the time my workout time comes when is at 8pm after I get my son to bed I can get my workout in without having a full tummy. Remember, DO NOT workout on a full tummy. You will get sick, believe me I know.

Well. . . You all are probably wondering how were your meals that past few days? Well here is the menu and some pics of new meals I tried from the P90X nutrition guide.

Sunday’s Meal Plan:

  • breakfast: Protein Shake
  • Snack: Protein Bar
  • Lunch: Island Pork tenderloin salad
  • Snack: String Cheese
  • Dinner: Beef and broccoli stir fry Miso soup and protein powder


Monday’s Meal Plan:

  • Breakfast: Turkey Bacon, Cheese scramble and fruit
  • Snack: protein Bar
  • Lunch: Chicken Salad with salad greens and vegetable soup
  • Snack: String Cheese
  • Dinner: Chicken with honey chille sauce, wild rice and green beens

Today’s Meal Plan: No pictures but you can find pictures of the meal here:

  • Breakfast: Mushroom Omlet, strawberries and cottage cheese
  • Snack: protein Bar
  • Lunch Chef salad
  • Snack: Almond
  • Dinner: Salmon, wild rice, asparagus and red pepper soup

Well, I am off to get ready for work. . . Chat soon!

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Fitness With P90X: Day 36 Core Synergistics and More new Foods

Yesterday was hard for me. I had to work a busy shift at work from 10-6 and then rush home and cook dinner for the family. I did cook dinner for them and me, but. . . I think I ate a little too late. Well, I waited an hour and 1/2 after dinner to exercise, but I think that was not enough time for my tummy to settle. Why, well while I was working out during core synergistics from the p90X I was feeling a little bogged down and I think it was due to my food still trying to digest. Needless to say I only made it through 40 minutes last night. I stopped because I did not want to make myself sick.

I learned a lesson which is not to exercise to closely after eating. Not a good mix. Other than that error I made healthy food choices and my water. . .  I still need to work on getting 72-80 ounces of water in. I don’t know why I can’t seem to do it but I feel so full when I do that and then I am not able to eat the small portions of food made and when that happened I am a bit hungry. Any suggestions? My meals for yesterday where:

  • Breakfast: Spinach Scramble, milk and grapefruit
  • Snack: Protein Bar (atkins)
  • Lunch: Turkey Burger with provolone cheese, coleslaw and red pepper soup
  • Snack: Missed (busy day!)
  • Dinner: Halibut, with Mango Ginger Sauce, wild rice and asparagus

So, that was my day yesterday. I swear I was so exhausted I showered and went straight to bed and slept in until 8:30 this morning which is late for me with a 6 year-old son, lol. Well. I will be back to post about today in a bit. Must polish my nails and work on some beauty blog post. Chat later

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Fitness With P90X (Day 35 Rest Day, Week 5 Results & New Foods!)

Hey all yesterday was my rest day and the end of week 5 of the P90X program for me. This week was fun seeing myself improve and challenge myself with the cooking. I tell you of all the cooking was well worth it because I was not retaining as much water this week. You may ask retaining water? Well, this week is my pre-menstruation time when I start to retain a lot of water and hence water gain with the scale and this week that did not happened!! Yey!! I guess the science behind it all is when you eat healthy and clean, drink water and exercise your body will not retain, so that is a great thing for me because I decided to weight myself to see if I lost any pounds this week. Well. . .  This week I lost another pound!!!! I am so excited about that. So, in 5 weeks I lost 4 pounds and I will take it along with the muscle gain too! I am noticing that my arms and legs are starting to get more lean and my abs are also reduce in size, so program is working for me for sure! I will give you me details on my video in a bit.

Stats Thus Far:

  • Jan 8th: Start weight: 198lbs
  • Jan 15th: 198lbs (no gain/lose)
  • Jan 22nd: 196 (-2lbs) Yeah!! A loss and I will take it!
  • Jan 29th: 196 (no gain/lose) But I lost inches!!
  • February 5: 195 (-1lbs) totaling 3 pound for the fist 4 weeks!
  • February 13th: 194 (-1lbs) totaling 4 pounds in 5 weeks!

This week I changed my meal plan and went according to the nutrition guide and I believe by doing that I was successful in the weight loss. Speaking of the foods that you may prepare from the meal plan. I recommend to have lots of Tupperware to store you food or freeze. You will make lots of soups and sauces throughout the first week and hence a lot a servings for leftovers. So, make sure you have freezer safe containers to store. The will preserve your food and in the next week you will have left to thaw instead of having to prepare new soups, rice, and sauces everyday.

What I ate today was:

  • Breakfast: Soy muffin my version with milk
  • Snack: Protein Bar
  • Lunch: (My favorite) Steak and Arugula Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette!!
  • Snack: String cheese (don’t like turkey jerk)
  • Dinner: (the sauce was yummy!) Chicken breast, Honey Chille sauce, Quinoa(different, but tasty) and snap peas

Pictures of my main meals:

All in all, the meals were yummy and left me feeling full and never hungry, so I was glad about that. So going into week 6 I will continue with the meals and prepare for more success! How did your week go? Anyway, check out the video for more 🙂

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Fitness With P90X (Day 34: Legs and Back|KenpoX)

I better get back to the rest of the Legs and Back workout, but I just had to comment that I made it through the wall squats and the one legged wall squat, WOW!! Okay. . . will be back.

Just Finished the workout and man I need to get a recovery drink. A reader gave me a alternative which I may pick up today at the grocery store in a minute. So, I will return in a bit. .

Well, Later today I did the KenpoX and made it through the entire workout and it was wonderful as usual. It is my favorite workout for sure. I am glad that I did both workouts today because it gave me a chance to catch up and stay on point with my workouts for sure. My meal plan for today was:

  • Breakfast: Turkey Bacon, chicken scramble and grapefruit juice
  • Snack Protein Bar
  • Lunch: Left over Shrimp Stir fry
  • Snack: String Cheese
  • Dinner: 1/2 turkey burger from Moonies and 1/2 french fries (total sub meal since the family wanted to go out. Stay I made sure to cut my portions and drink lots of water on this meal.
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Fitness With P90X: (Day 32 & 33 Chest, Shoulders & Tris & YogaX)

The past days have been pretty busy for me Tuesdays I workout and clean my house and the later my son is home from school and later that evening we prepare for his Taekwondo glass until 7:30 and we did not return home until 8:00pm. After that is bedtime for him, story time and bed. After that is all said and done then I rest or blog, however, I was so wiped out I rested instead of blogging and filmed makeup tutorials. So, with all that said and was not able to blog for the past few days. Now, I will bring you all update to date with my progress with the P90X program.

On Tuesday was a new workout for me which was Chest, Shoulders and Triceps. OMG! Push up city!! So many different ways to challenge my chest. Let me tell you my chest was on FIRE!! I was looking forward to the shoulder and the triceps workouts so bad in order to give my chest a break. Even two days later my chest is still sore, lol. The workout was 50 minutes long and I made it through 35 minutes. I tried to keep going but I was done. So, my goal for week 6 is to go through the entire workout. My meal plan was delicious and very filling. I don’t think I ate dinner that day because I was so full from lunch and my afternoon snack and I forgot to eat because I dosed off. I ended up eating a protein bar for dinner. But anyway . . .

Meal Plan for Day 32 (Tuesday)

  • Breakfast: Turkey sausage muffin ( I had to substitute because I did not make it to the store)
  • Snack: Protein Bar
  • Steak and Arugula/spinach salad (Yummy!!!)
  • Snack: string cheese
  • Dinner: Protein Bar

Here are a few Pics of my breakfast and lunch

As Far as Day 33 (Wednesday)

Wednesday was a work day so, my workout was late last night before bedtime and it was a YogaX day! So not much to explain, since this workout is becoming routine to me. How about you? Is this workout less challenging for you after the 4 weeks? My meal plan for yesterday was leftovers from my other meals because I need to do another grocery haul today. So what I ate was. . .

Meal plan:

  • Breakfast: Mushroom Omelet, strawberries and cottage cheese
  • Snack: protein bar
  • Lunch: Shrimp Stir-fry
  • Snack: Soy nuts
  • Dinner: Turkey burger and potato (yes potato was not apart of the original guide)

Of course I did not mention the water intake for both days, but I did consume 64-72 oz each day.

Today Day 34 will be a double day for me. This morning I will do Legs and Back and Ab ripper and then later tonight I will do KenpoX , so that I can stay on schedule for my rest day tomorrow. I will update later for today’s post on a new blog posting tonight. Other than that I am out for now! Chat soon 🙂

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Fitness With P90X: (Day 31 & 3rd Day of Nutrition Guide)

Yesterday, will be short and sweet. It was day 31 of the P90X program and a CardioX day. In week 5 I will stress again that I am able to work harder and burn more calories than ever!! Honestly I was so glad that I did my workout before going into work because when I returned home I was ready to rest for sure!

It was also another run and the nutrition guide and this time around the food was still yummy however, I could not eat everything. I was full fast and felt satisfied throughout the day minus my sweet treat in the evening. I had a musketeer bar. I should have had a protein bar, but you know the rest. I decided to give myself that one treat so that I would not go crazy and binge later in the evening and it worked like a charm.

Meal Plan was yummy! I have not had fresh squeezed juice in a long while and the fresh squeezed  grapefruit was delicious. Here is my meal plan for yesterday:

  • Breakfast: Chicken Scramble, turkey bacon and fresh squeezed grapefruit juice
  • Snack: Protein Bar
  • Lunch: Vegetable soup + protein powder 1tbsp and tuna salad with lettuce
  • Snack: Soy nuts
  • Dinner: Halibut, brown wild rice, zucchini
  • sweet treat: musketeer. (I will not do that too often)


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Fitness With P90X (Day 30 & Second Day of Nutrition Guide)

Yesterday was an okay day for me. I missed my cardioX yesterday because I was feeling very under the weather, so I opt for a rest day then and then I will bring it the rest of week 5. However, even though it was a rest day for the workouts I did not rest on the meal plan. I ate accordingly. Yesterday called for the following:

  • Protein Shake
  • Protein Bar
  • Shrimp Stir Fry with cashews and sesame seeds
  • String Cheese
  • Chicken breast (instead of turkey) green beans and acorn squash soup with 1 tbsp of protein powder mixed in it.

Now let me tell. I was a cooking fool again especially when it came to taking the shell of the shrimp and de-veining them. Next time around I will use shrimp that was been de-veined a shelled for sure! I will just say cook ahead of time for sure. Now after cooking and eating my portion their was enough serving of the stir fry for 2-3 more people, so if you are the only person eating the meals in your family freeze it!! You will save money not having to buy the same thing over and you will save yourself some time next time when it comes to cooking. That was a plus for me, yey!!

Cooking the dinner was terribly bad. The only thing you will have to make is time to cook the squash soup and you will also need a blender or food processor to puree the soup. Now everything for the dinner taste great with the exception of the squash soup! That soup was horrible, yuck!! Since I was so many servings of the red pepper soup, which I like, I will substitute and eat that instead of the squash soup. Just an heads up. Squash soup, Ekkkk!! Don’t like it. Okay. . . I will stop talking about that. Anyway here are some pictures of the meals:

Anyway, I just wanted to share with you pictures and thoughts. Well, I better go and take care of some things will my food digests so that I can start the cardioX in a bit. Chat later. . . .

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Fitness With P90X (Day 29 & First Day Of Nutrition Guide)

Today is the beginning of week 5 and it is on! Today I did Core Synergistics and it was the first day of me creating the recipes from the P90X nutrition guide! The meal plan that I am following is the fat shredder 1 1800 calorie plan. As you saw in my previous post I went on a food haul an purchased items for my first few days of the meal plan. I will tell you now. It you are going to follow this plan you will be cooking a lot. I am not kidding. I did not finish cooking and eating my dinner until 9pm this evening, so definitely plan ahead will be key. Get everything you need for each meal, so that you do not end up making multiple trips the grocery store like me looking for arrowroot and such.

Today, I created the following:

Breakfast was yummier than expected. I was so worries about having the mushroom omlette with only egg whites, but it was delish! I also had the cottage cheese and a serving of strawberries too along with water.

My snack was the Atkins protein bar, Lunch was the chef salad according to the nutrition guide and my afternoon snack was the 2oz of soy nuts along with water of course.

Lets say dinner was a challenge. Why? I got home from work 7pm and it was time to cook this meal. And, it was a LOT of cooking. I had to get my rice, salmon and asparagus cooking along with the lemon dill sauce and the red pepper soup too. First challenge I did not have the arrowroot! So, I had to run to the grocery store I find it and it was like a needle in a haystack, for real. Luckily a kind gentle helped me locate it. There reason why this was important because it is the key ingredient that make the lemon dill sauce thicker.

So I finally returned home to cook. Once that was squared away I had to chopped lots of veggies to make the soup which by the way make 20 servings. So you will have a lot a soup for a while. Now you all are probably wondering how did everything taste. Well. . . The salmon with the sauce was delicious. I will definitely have this again. The asparagus and rice was also good!! The soup on the other hand was okay. . . It had a peppery oniony taste that was tolerable and I will eat it again! I also added 1 tablespoon of protein powder to the soup as well. So overall, everything was good today. I just will have to prepare more time and cook some meals ahead of time for sure.

I am curious to know. . . have anyone of you tried the meals in this plan? What are your thoughts? Let me know. Well until next time I will chat later 🙂

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Fitness With P90X: Day 28 (Lesson Learn & Results)

Hey all, yesterday was my rest day and it was definitely needed. I totally enjoyed it! I have to say I learned a lot during the first 4 weeks of the P90X program. I learn about myself and how far I can push myself through the workouts and how much my strength has improved over the 4 weeks which is amazing! I can do things that I could not do during the first week. I have the strength to lift things and I can also lift my son who is very tall and solid for the age of six. He is 4 feet 5 inches tall and weight 85 pounds. He totally takes after my hubby who is 6 feet 4 inches tall. I was so enjoyable to pick him up and hugs him while we were celebrating his wonderful day at school and his color belt graduation for taekwondo. His is now a camoflauge belt and a new member into the ATA taekwondo Black belt training so I was very proud of his!! He was also shocked and happy that I could lift him and give him a bear hug!!

The other few things I was proud of is that I can do yoga and enjoy it! Holding the crane pose was a major accomplishment for me. Then KenpoX and doing the kicks and having great balance was awesome!!

The other things I was glad to notice and work on is my meal plan which i will talk more about in the video below. Going forward I will be going according to the meal plan in the P90X nutrition guide. Why? Well, for one things I feel like the meal plan I was using was not giving me enough energy to make it through the entire works or day. I also learned that I was not getting enough protein throughout each day. Lastly my diet was too high in sugar and sodium hence I was retaining too much water and not shedding fat like I think I should. So with that said I will be following the nutrition guide 100%!!

My Stats thus far:

  • Jan 8th: Start weight: 198lbs
  • Jan 15th: 198lbs (no gain/lose)
  • Jan 22nd: 196 (-2lbs) Yeah!! A loss and I will take it!
  • Jan 29th: 196 (no gain/lose) But I lost inches!!
  • February 5: 195 (-1lbs) totaling 3 pound for the fist 4 weeks!

Watch the video below for more of my thoughts and reflections so far:

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Fitness With P90X: Day 26 & 27

Yesterday was Cardio X and the workout was awesome as usual. I love workout days like this because I love cardio workout in general. My meal plan was ok. However, I am wondering if I had too much sodium in my diet? Next week for sure I am going to follow the P90X nutrition guidelines to the tee! Sometimes, if I have too much sodium my body will retain a lot of water and I hope that is not the case. Otherwise it will be a sad day, lol.

My meal plan yesterday:

  • Breakfast: Eggs, turkey sausage, cottage cheese and water
  • Snack: String Cheese and water
  • Lunch: Chicken Tortilla soup with 1tbsp of protein powder, salad and water
  • Snack: cottage cheese
  • Dinner: Lean Cuisine dinner and water

Today, the meal plan was okay?

  • Breakfast: Muscle Milk protein shake with, milk, ice and fruit/water
  • Snack: String Cheese and water
  • Lunch: Salad with chicken break and water
  • Snack: Cottage Cheese and water
  • Dinner: Turkey burger (maybe too big, I was full) baked fries and more water
  • Total: 80 oz of water ( I feel bloated)

I was reading a saw that I should be drinking a lot more water than I was drink during these first 4 weeks (64oz) So, going into the next 4 weeks I will up my water and totally tweak my meal plan too. 2 hours after dinner I popped in the YogaX DVD and I only made it through 40 minutes tonight. Today I felt tired and so full from my water that I couldn’t maintain control throughout the downward dogs to the point I was feeling sick. So, I stopped in order to avoid injury. I hope that I made a good choice. Tomorrow is the end of week 4 and my hubby told me don’t even get on the scale tomorrow. He said just stay away from it, lol. So this will be the first week that I don’t weigh myself, Ekkk! I want to though. What do you all think? Stay away? I will try, lol. Well, I am going to recover and relax for the rest of the night. Tomorrow will be my rest day and no to week 5!!

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