March Giveaway 2012: Sensa Weight Loss System!!

Hey beauties!! I am so excited to host this awesome giveaway sponsored by Sensa!! I am enjoying the Sensa Weight Loss System so much right now and I am excited to have one of you enjoy it with me!! One of my lucky subscribers to my Youtube channel NHOP76 will win this awesome prize package that includes:

  • 2 Months Supply of the Sensa weight loss System
  • 2 Months Supply of Sensa Vitamins
  • 2 packs of Sensa Chews
  • 1 Pack of Sensa quenches
  • 1 Sensa T-shirt
  • 1 Sensa Towel
  • 1 Kickstart set

Now you maybe thinking how can I win this prize, right? Well, here are my simple instructions:

  1. Must be a subscriber to my channel
  2. Must like my facebook page
  3. Leave a comment on my facebook page under the contest video that is posted there saying, “Enter Me” & why you want to win this contest.
  4. Only 1 entry per person
  5. Anyone can enter the contest, that includes international subscribers too!



That’s it!! Simple, easy and FUN!!
The contest will start today and end on Saturday March 17th at 11:59pm CST and the winners will be selected shortly after that. So, with that said good luck to you all!!


March 2012 Giveaway: Sensa Weight Loss

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Sensa Weight Loss System: Month 2 Update (Lazy month)

Hey beauties! Today I am sharing with you my month 2 progress with the Sensa Weight Loss System. I have to say month 2 was a slow month for me. I guess like you will hear in my video below I got a promotion with my job and for the past few months of this new year I had to get adjusted to working Monday through Friday 8-5 or 9-6pm during they day. You may say what’s so bad with that schedule? Well, working in the retail management I was used to having days off during the middle of the week and leaving early on certain days. With that said I was able to plan my meals and grocery trips during the middle of the week and also plan my high cardio days  too. Now, with having to cram in my workouts, groceries and meal planning all to the weekend really threw me off. Why? Well I have to take care of everything on the weekend now including family, household, etc. Hence a diva pulling her hair out, lol. As a result, my month 2 was slow.

In month 2 I was able to maintain my 5 pound loss during the first month in addition to losing an additional 2 pounds in month 2 as well. Granted I gained and loss that 2 pounds over the course of that month bringing to a total weight loss of 7 pounds thus far. In addition to that my body decided it wanted to get sick toward the end of February which means my routine I was starting to get used too was thrown off track for the rest of the month. Sorry for the mild rant, but I was really upset for a little while because toward the end of last month I felt like
I had a plan in order and then life throws me off track! But I guess the good thing is I am back on track! I honestly just started month 3 last week and I am slowly getting my healthy and fitness routine back on track. So, my goal is to stay focused and hopefully report some good results in either measurements or scale loss in April.

I can say that I am having fun posting some of my meals on my facebook page for it keeps me on track and I also hope it helps and motivates other to eat healthy too. I can’t wait to start posting progress photos as soon as I see a visible change. In the meantime, I plan to get this body moving and I think I have made the decision to purchase turbofire in the next few days. So, I feel like another challenge in coming on for the spring months!! Turbofire here I come! Turbofire +Sensa = awesome fat loss!!

Until next month month you all stay well and healthy!! Also stay tuned this week! I have a feeling that one lucky reader/subscriber will be winning their very own Sensa weight loss system, Yay!!


Sensa Month 2 Update Video


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Sensa Weight Loss: A New Journey Begins

Hey beauties!! How are you all doing this holiday season? I am sure everyone is out and about getting their holiday shopping on for their loved ones and maybe for yourself. I am too and at the same time I am doing myself a favor with getting back in shape during the holidays with Sensa Weight loss system again. If you are new to my channel and few months back I gave Sensa a try for one month and was successful with losing 5 pounds the first month using the system with a healthy diet and exercise. Many of you may have been wondering. . . what happen with the weight since then? Well, with life things got in the way of my goals. My dad passed away this past May and with that happening I kind of lost myself and track of my personal goals. So with that said I put my weight loss goals to the side for the moment until I got my mind back in the right place. On top of that my hubby and I was thinking about adding another child to the family, so I really did not have a focus of weight loss at all.

It was until recently after visiting with my doctor. . . I was discussing with my doctor about the potential of having another child and she mentioned that she would like for me to get healthy and lose some weight before conceiving again just so I could have a healthy pregnancy. So we both discussed  a plan to lose 30 pounds before I consider baby making plans. I thought that was realistic and I was ready to get started and I had a plan too! I was ready to get back on Sensa since it work very well for me earlier this year. You are probably wondering why Sensa? Well. . . the reason why I am a busy wife, mom and a woman that works a full time job on top of taking martial arts with my son.  I needed a weight loss system that was very easy to use especially when I don't have time to cook healthy meals all the time. With Sensa I can use it on anything I eat and the Sensa helps me not over eat, and curbs my appetite throughout the day.

So with that said, I was ready to order Sensa again to get my plan in action. However, before I was ready to get start the team over at Sensa contacted me and wanted to know if I would like to get back in shape using Sensa? And of course, I said yes because I know that their product works and it was perfect timing since I am ready to get back in shape during this holiday season. As a result, the were so generous to send me some products to get started! So, you know I have to share this excitement with you all of course! So here we go! At first I was a bit overwhelmed when I received this huge package of goodies from them. I originally received them a few weeks ago, but I did not want to share them with you right away, because I wanted to try everything first in order for me to give you an honest opinion of the product first and since that is done I am ready to chat with you all!


Above is the Kisckstart program ($49.95) that you can use to accelerate your weight in the beginning along with using your Sensa Tastants. This kick comes with a water bottle a pedometer to track how many steps taken, a bracelet to wear in order to help you remember to Sensa your food daily, a magnet for your fridge and two books. One books is a guide to working out and what I love best about that is it is great for someone that has not worked out in a long time. The exercises looks simples and easy to get you off to a great start. The other book is a 10 day meal plan guide. I have not tried them all, but I do have my favorites such as the yogurt parfait, breakfast sandwich and such. The meals are easy to prepare and if you do not have time to cook there are some dinning out guides to help you get well during the program too!

I also received and tested out the Sensa Nutritional supplements, $49.95 per box. This I did not have any issues with taking them. They did not make me sick which is a plus to me because some vitamins has that effect and when that happens I usually will not take them. At my age I need to take vitamins to balance me out throughout the day. In this box you get 30 supplements to take once daily either in the morning or during lunch time. According to Sensa these vitamins has an herbal blend of highly-specialized nutrients is designed to work in conjunction with the SENSA® Weight-Loss System for long-term weight loss results. Each daily supplement pack contains a targeted combination of supplements including Vitamin A, C, E and B Complex, Green Tea Extract, and Acai Berry. They help support a healthy immune system, maintains healthy muscle, and strengthens body against free radical influences.

Now the Sensa quenches are my favorites!! These are great energy drinks to help you last between lunch and dinner. The quenches comes in 4 flavors as you see above. I love them all except for the grapefruit. I like grapefruit, but not in this form. Each box is filled with 30 quenches that are easy to carry in your lunch bag is you work outside the home. The quenches reminds of the crystal lights, but 10 times better with the energy your get from these. Sensa says these quenches are guilt-free alternative to soda boosts energy and provides the vitamins and antioxidants your body needs to support a healthy metabolism. And at only 15 calories, it can help you reach your weight-loss goals even faster. These quenches sale for $39.95 per box. I forgot to mention these quenches do not increase your heart rate or make you feel edgy like other diet drink mixes which is awesome!

The Sensa Appetite control chews are a life savor. I received a package of the chocolate chews and on of the berry chews. One their website these sells for $29.95 The chewables are a  Low-calorie, sugar-free SENSA® CHEWS that enhance weight-loss results by helping you stave off cravings in between meals. The appetite chews are powered by a blend of antioxidants.The SENSA® CHEWS make it easy to give your body the nutrients it needs. One day at work I took an early lunch break, so around 3pm I was hungry and I needed something to tie me over until dinner so that I would not over eat. I decided to take 2 chews with a glass of 8 ounces of water. Let me tell you, I did not think it would work, but it did!! I was so excited that I decided to keep back ups of both in my purse just incase that happens again. Both taste yummy! If I am craving chocolate I eat the chocolate one of course and if I want something fruity I eat the berry chews instead.

I also received the Sensa on the go packets! I find this great to use if you do not want to take the Sensa shakers to work or to a restaurant. These to go packets are small and discrete for $19.95. Each pack comes with 10 sweet packets and 20 salty packets.

Now, here is the two month system I received to help me toward my goals. I received (2 ) month 1 and month 2 Sensa Tastants. You received 2 of each just so you can keep on at home and one at work in order for you to Sensa every time you eat! The kit also comes with a DVD guides and booklet on how to get started.

Lastly, I received some Sensa goodies which I thought was so sweet of the team at Sensa to send me. The goodies included a Sensa t-shirt, mug, bag and a Sensa cover! I thought that was nice of them to send me to use from day to day.

Overall, I am so excited to begin this journey with Sensa in order to reach my weight loss goal! I feel Sensa is a great system in order to have safe a successful weight loss for women. My official start date was Monday November 28th and my goal is to follow up with you all next week to let you all know what my result weeks in the first week of giving this another try!!  In the meantime, check out my beginning stats and I also decided to include my official before pictures too!! If you all should have any questions please feel free to let you comments below. Otherwise for more information on Sensa click "here" to find out more if you are interested in trying this out with me!! You can also visit Sensa on their Facebook page which is:

My before Stats & pictures


Height: 5'8"

Weight 190lbs (again!!)

Bust: 38"


Hips: 44"

Sensa Weight Loss: My New Journey Video

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Sensa Weight Loss System: The Reveal

Well hello my fitness chameleons!! It has been a little while since I did a blog post for this section of my blog and today I am ready to reveal to you what I am going to be experimenting with while I get back in shape! If you do not follow me on twitter ( you really should because I chat a lot there and I may reveal things there first before it reaches here or my youtube channel (NHOP76).

Back on Jan 31st I tweeted that I ordered Sensa! Yes, I did! As you will see in my video I ordered Sensa because of my awesome friend at work. I will just call her "B". "B" used Sensa's weight-loss system in 2010 and with minimum exercise and I mean minimum she lost 15 pounds!! I was truly amazed because Sense is not a weight loss stimulant at all. To find out more details about how Sensa work click "" to learn more or just watch my video below (smile). Anyway. . while seeing her success with it I thought to myself, "what if I used Sensa while eating a healthy diet, exercise 3-4 days a week and drinking lots of water would it accelerate my weight-loss?" So with my sick mind (remember I was sick around this time) I decided I am ordering Sensa ASAP to jump start my weight loss.

Now just for an Update on my weight loss at the beginning of the new year January 1st I weighted in at 196lbs, Yikes I know!! At the end of January I was down to 188lbs so without Sensa I had already lost 8lbs on my own. Later, moving into February my weight-loss was stalled because I was sick for the 1st week in February and exercise was cut out of my life until I start to feel better during the second week in this month. Finally, my Sensa arrived on Valentines Day and when I opened the package I knew it was on!

Sensa is VERY easy to use you just sprinkle it on foods and that's it!! For the past 2 weeks I have been using Sensa I have been eating healthy and completing 1-2 days of martial arts training and 2 days of cardio training from the comfort of my own home and let me tell you within the 2 weeks I have already lost 4 using  POUNDS sensa. Isn't that crazy!! So, my current weight is finally at 184lbs, Yahooooooooo!! I told my friend "B" this and she was like really? I am going to exercise more too!

So all in all, during my month 1 of Sensa I am loving this product and I totally recommend it to anyone that is trying to lose weight this year!! If you are trying to lose weight definitely go to "" and find out more about how this product can help you reach your weight loss goals in 2011!!

Sensa Weight Loss System: The Reveal Video


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