Belson Ionic Tourmaline Turbo Dryer Review

Hair dryers! Which one to buy? There are the luxury dryers like the FHI’s, CHI’s, T3’s pro and & featherweight dryers which I would love to own. Why? Because of the follow features that of course are so much healthier for our hair like:

(example: T3 PRO. Dryerfor $119)

T3 PRO. Dryer will deliver shiny, smooth, frizz-free locks with a twice as fast drying time. Don’t let the pretty pink package fool you—this dryer is powered by T3’s patented tourmaline technology. Tourmaline is a semi-precious gem that gives off ionic energy—naturally—when heated. No other brand has T3’s pioneering process for incorporating tourmaline into their products. T3 doesn’t just spray or coat the dryer with tourmaline—it is infused so it doesn’t wear off, so you can enjoy its long-lasting, powerful benefits.

What else you need to know:
The tourmaline-infused concentrator and diffuser attachment works dynamically with the dryer for maximum ionic benefits that create soft, tousled waves and gorgeously curly styles, without the frizz! Weight of the dryer is 22 oz. Two year warranty included.
This is great and wonderful, but who has the money to shell out from $119 to $200 & up for a hair dryer in these economic times? If I did I would totally get it! But you all know me I would rather splurge on makeup!! Anyway, I am sure that there are other healthy alternatives for our hair that has the similar technology for less right? That is why I did some research and found a few dryers that has similar technologies, but for a lot less! After my research I ended up at Sally’s. Another great source for styling tools for hair and other great beauty finds. What I found and decided to purchase was the Belson Ionic Tourmaline Turbo Dryer for $34.99. Okay now what intrigued me the most was the similarity in technology.

What they say about this hair dryer:

The Belson Ionic Tourmaline Turbo Hairdyer emits millions of negative ions, allowing the hair to be silky smooth and frizz free while reducing drying time.
* 1875 Watts of power
* Powerful yet lightweight
* Leaves hair soft, shiny and smooth
* Doesn’t damage hair like other hair dryers
* Eliminates the frizzy “blow-dried” look
* Negative ions add moisture and sheen
* Two speed settings
* Six heat settings
* Cool shot button
* Ionized concentrator
* Non-slip rubberized inserts
* Hinged air-intake grille
* Air concentrator
* Styling pik
* 9-ft. cord with hanging ring

Create healthy, shiny, beautiful hair with new advanced technology! An amazing professional Tourmaline + Ionic Ceramic 1875 watt hair dryer that revitalizes your hair’s natural moisture balance. Tourmaline crystals are crushed into the dryer’s components and emit an overload of negative ions and far-infrared heat. While the negative ions close the cuticle layer and seal in moisture, infrared heat penetrates deep into the hair shaft to heat gently and dry your hair from within. Hair is left silky, frizz free, and healthy while drying is reduced.

So after reading that and then seeing the price for this one. I decided to purchase it and I am glad I did. My reasons are:

  1. The hair dryer did cut the drying time down in half.
  2. My hair did not smell like it was burning while drying. Which in the long run will mean less or no breakage on my relaxed hair.
  3. The frizziness was at minimum compared to my Conair Dryer from target.
  4. The dryer itself was very light weight like the expensive t3 pro.

So, overall I am loving my new dryer that I have now had for over a month and would totaly reccommend it if you are on a budget and want a dryer that is healthier for your hair, but not too pricey! The only down side is that it does not hae the warranty like the T3, but for the price? I am okay with that.


blow dryer

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NOTD: China Glaze Watermelon Rind

China Glaze Watermelon Rind 718/80226 Summer Days Collection is another fun nail polish in my collection that I had to wear today! Doesn’t this make you want some nice and refreshing slice of watermelon? hee hee! Now,  I just maybe inspired to play with some nail art and create watermelons on my nails, lol. We will see what the time looks like, but it looks like the rocker chick inside may come out of me this weekend! I am thinking of dark and smokey!!


A more beautiful you begins with Sally

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NOTD: Finger Paints’ Art Dealer Teal-er

Ever since I had decided to grow my natural nails long (I mean without acrylic nails) I have become nail polished obsessed! I am not kidding I was just going through my growing nail polish collection and it has grown from just 20 fun shades to over 50 fabulous colors for any occasion. Well, I was going through my collection of polish and I came across Finger Paints nail polish called Art dealer teal-er and !I was thinking this would be a fun color to wear over the weekend. It’s fun & summery looking, and totally reminds me of the Caribbean for sure!  So I decided to give it a try since I have never used it yet. If you watch my youtube videos I purchased this color in my April haul video when sally beauty supply was running their buy 2 get 1 free promo and I believe that promo is still going on. I also decided to give the Seche Vite dry fast top coat a try too and let me tell you it is awesome!! It literally drys your nail in minutes!! But here is the look. If you are looking for something fun like this for your polish collection click the link to sally beauty supply for more information:

The Look: Art Dealer Tealer by Finger Paints



Finger Paints Nail Color
$4.99 or $4.49 with beauty club card with sallys ( right now they are buy 2 get 1 free online and in store!!)

What they say about this polish:
* Professional long-wearing and chip-resistant formula
* Protects & strengthens nails
* Sure to inspire beautiful nails, this collection will be enhanced by seasonal collections
* Trendy bottle and cap are creatively designed to make polish application an ease
* High-gloss shine

Seche Dry Fast Top Coat
$7.99 or $4.95 with beauty card

* Guaranteed not to yellow
* Durable high gloss shine
* Can be used on natural nails, nail enhancements and pedicures

Seche Dry Fast Top Coat’s patented formula allows top coat to penetrate through the nail lacquer to the base coat, forming a single solid coating over the nail plate.

Beauty Pros: The finger paints goes on nice and vibrants and it really does have a nice high gloss shine to it which I love!! The Seche Vite really come through on it word about being fast drying escpecially when you are in a hurry to get thing done!!

Beauty Cons: Non really. But I will have to check back over the weekend to see how this polish rates on chipping, so stay tuned!

Rating: purple_starpurple_starpurple_star

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