Sephora By OPI’s Iris I was Thinner: NOTD

Hey beauties! I love this time of the year because I am so ready to break out some of my spring nail colors to wear day to day. Today I was in the mood to wear SEPHORA by OPI Nail Colour Iris I Was Thinner, $9.50! This shade is a opaque medium Iris purple shade. I decided to apply two coats in order to achieve the look that you see in this photo.


Now that my nails are growing back out I am really more motivated in embellishing my nails. You may ask, how long does this polish last? Well. . . I polished my nails on Friday and the good things is that the color intensity last a long time, but. . . as far as being chip resistant I guess if you do not have to bath your child and upkept a household your polish with not chip. In my case in chipped in 3 days only because I was cleaning and peeling off labels with my nails. I think I need to carry tweezers with me because peeling of price labels are torture on the nails, lol. How do you keep you nails from chipping? I would love to know.


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NOTD: MAC “To The Beach” Scorcher

Hey all, I almost forgot to share with you all this beautiful orange/coral nail polish I picked up with my MAC “To The Beach” Haul in June. For all of my chameleons that love a fiery orange nail polish, this one is for you. Surprisingly this is my first ever MAC nail polish purchase ever and I have to say this one was not as watery as people had describe on youtube and other blogs. I guess it depends on the color and pigmentation of each shade. The color I picked up is called Scorcher and it is definitely that. A perfect color for the nails and extra gorgeous for the toenails too! I only had to apply 2 coats of the polish and it was beautiful. As far as the wear of the polish, it last about 2-3 days. Mind you, I am a mom so I cook, clean and work so my nails take a beating, lol. However, overall I was very satisfied with the color and I am glad that I added it to my growing nail polish collection. Hummm. . . Collection maybe I will do a collection blog or video! If you would like to see a collection post or video please leave a comment below. Until the next NOTD, stay fabulous!

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NOTD: China Glaze’s Strawberry Fields

Lately I have been so nail crazed it is unreal. I have never cared too much about how my nails looks until I started watching youtube tutorials. If you have watched them before you may notice many gurus showing nail designs and the latest on nail color trend. I was so impressed that I started to grow my nails out in order to decorate them and make them look beautiful again.

Ever since then, I have been so crazed about nail color and nail art that I literally polish them 1-2 times per week! I am not kidding. It is just so much fun emulated the seasons colors on my nails and toes that I can not help myself. lately, my new nail color find for today comes from one of my new favorites, China Glaze nail polish.  The color I chose for today is a fun and spring look is  China Glaze Nail Lacquer with Hardeners in Strawberry fields from their summer days collection:




I like this color. It a bright strawberry pink polish with gold shimmer mixed in. So when you look at it in the light it shimmers like crazy! Just love it!

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