NARS Review: Sheer Glow & Sheer Matte Foundations

Today I will be talking about 2 of my newest favorite liquid foundations which are NARS Sheer Glow and Sheer Matte. As you may have noticed in the life update section of my blog I had a big haul of things I purchase before and after Christmas. I was so fortunate to receive gifts cards from my friends at work and they now I LOVE to shop for makeup, so with that said I decided to pick up both NARS foundations. You may be wondering why did you pickup both? Well, depending on my mood I love to have glowing skin at times and then I also like to sport a matte look too. I guess you can call me a chameleon in makeup, huh? Is NARS foundation new to you? Well you can find NARS cosmetics at Sephora and Nordstorms on and off-line.

Who or what is NARS Cosmetics? Click here to find out more about Nars and the genious behind the Brand Francois Nars. Now let's talk more about each foundations I picked up and the differences. The First foundation I would like to talk about is the NARS sheer Glow and the facts.

According to the brand NARS Sheer Glow Foundation does the following:

What it does: This Sheer Glow Foundation enhances, without masking, your overall natural complexion The weightless formula hydrates the skin while complexion brightening properties improve skin brightness, radiance, and texture, leaving skin with a luminous, sensual glow.

What else you need to know: Suitable for normal, normal-to-dry, dry, and very dry skin types.


My opinion on the Sheer Glow is awesome! For one thing if you have a yellow undertone this foundation is the best for that which I am! It is a struggle for me to find a foundation that is not too pink, orange, or red and NARS hands down was a perfect fit for me. As fair as the weight of the foundation it is light smooth and velvety to the touch. It is best to apply the foundation with you hands because the hands warm up the foundation and gives it the best blending possible. However at times I will use my stippling brush and blend in circular motion to get a light airbrush finish to the foundation. The coverage of the foundation is light and buildable, but be aware if you need a full coverage foundation this may no be the one to use for that unless you are using lots, and I mean A LOT of concealer. The finish is beautiful!! My skin was very luminous and healthy. Now mind you if you skin and skincare is not on point do not expect the same results. I truly stress that your foundation is only as good as you skin.  Let's move on to Sheer Matte.

According to the brand NARS Sheer Matte Foundation does the following:

What it does: This Sheer Glow Foundation enhances, without masking, your overall natural complexion. The weightless formula absorbs oil and keeps skin shine free all day long. The complexion brightening properties improve skin brightness, radiance, and texture, leaving the complexion with a luminous, fresh finish.

What else you need to know: Suitable for normal, normal-to-oily, oily, and very oily skins types.


What I like about this one is the fact that if you are experiencing oiliness in the skin this foundation is oil free and great for mattifying and absorbing oil throughout the day. So for my oily skin Chameleons out there you will love this foundation. The undertones are the same of the sheer glow, the texture is smooth and flawless. You can also apply the foundation in the same manner as the sheer glow. The coverage is about the same as the sheer glow too.

The one thing I did not point out is that both foundation have a complex in side that helps improves the texture and brightness of your skin while wearing it which is a plus. It's kind of like having foundation with skincare in it! So, that can be the reason why you will pay $42 for each foundation. Now you may be asking if there is a cheaper alternative to this foundation? I have been searching the web and the buzz right now is that Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation, $12.49 is the one for sheer glow, but. . . Just looking at the shade range of the Neutrogena everything looks to light for even my skin tone or too pink .  But if you have it let me know your thoughts on it.

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Raving Beauty: Dark Sparkle Blue In Peru Makeup Tutorial

Are you ready for some crazy brights? Wow! I am and let me tell Raving Beauty Cosmetics sent me some shadows that I have got to share with you all. I just recently receive a grouping of shadows and earrings to review and all I have to say is wow! I have been sleeping on these colors for too long. The shades I received are: Spring Light Blue, Dark Blue Sparkle, Dark Night & Peru.

As you can see from the photos the eye shadows are nicely pigmented with it beautiful satin finish. According to Raving Beauty Cosmetics the following shadows have the following characteristics:

  • SPRING LIGHT BLUE: Medium blue with a pearl sheen is tinged with a hint of green, resulting in a tranquil, cool and carefree pastel. Ingredient: Titanium Dioxide, Mica, Ultramarine Blue, Hydrated Chromium Oxide Green.
  • DARK BLUE SPARKLE: Lustrous, super-saturated blue with a low sheen. This medium-deep blue has a wonderfully mature, sophisticated, appearance. Ingredients: Mica, titanium dioxide, ferric ferrocyanide, tin oxide.
  • DARK KNIGHT:  This sparkly, translucent grey with a deep due undertone recalls the sky as it crawls into a stormy night. Ingredients: mica, titanium dioxide, iron oxide, baron nitride.
  • PERU: A profound and classic shimmery purple color. Ingredients: Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Tin Dioxide, Iron Oxide

These colors are so amazing that I had to break out my makeup brushes and create a colorful tutorial! If you love the shadows you can find them at Each shadow sells for only $5.00 each. Each 5 gram jar is filled with 1tsp of product. She also sell sample bags too for a $1.50 and each bag is filled with ¼ teaspoon of product.

But before I get to that I also had to share with you a pair of earrings that the owner of Raving Beauty Cosmetics sent to me. Yes, that is right they are now carrying a fun and fashionable line of jewelry from big fashion right to beautiful bangles, bracelets and necklaces. The earrings I have are the E-1-B EARRINGS LEAVES METAL & ACRYLIC RESIN METALIC BLUE & BLACK retailing at $4.00 each. I am amazed with the quality of the earrings for they are sturdy and of course look fabulous!!

Anyway you have got to check these out and you know I am going to be adding some more accessories to my collection. Now to the tutorial!! Yessss!

Products used:

Step by Step tutorial


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Urban Decay Book Of Shadows 3: Smokey Green Tutorial

Yay beauties!! It is time for some Urban Decay Book of Shadows 3 tutorials!! In this tutorial I decided to create a look that is bold and smokey for you dramatic divas out there. This look is perfect for the night out on the town or yet, for those fun holiday parties you will be attending this season.

Products used in this tutorial:

  • Urban Decay Primer Potion
  • NYX Jumbo pencil: Milk
  • Urban Decay Book of Shadows 3: Uzi, Kush, Loaded, Perversion, and Midnight Cowboy Rides Again
  • Wet n Wild Black gel liner
  • Sonia Kashuk Full Glam Lashes
  • Foundation: Makeup Forever HD 173
  • MAC mineralized skinfinish Medium Deep
  • NARS: Casino Bronzer
  • MAC mineralized blush fa-dab-ulous
  • Lips: Buxom lip balm copa Cabana






Step By Step Tutorial:


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Beauty In A Box: NARS Junkie ($121 Value)

Have you ever wanted to try out NARS cosmetics before, but you did not want to spend a lot of cash to try it? I know NARS is expensive, but this is another brand that I truly love when it comes to there foundation, blushes and eye shadows. You trully get what you pay for with this brand.

Well, if you don't know I love when the holidays hit Sephora. During this time of the year Sephora unleashes the most amazing gifts sets at a value prices for all of the beauty and makeup junkies out there that want to get a taste of some of the amazing highend brands out there. The first value set I would like to share with you all is by NARS.

At Sephora online you can find this beautiful treat called NARS Beauty In A Box: NARS Junkie ($121 Value) Beauty In A Box: NARS Junkie for only $69. This set contains some of NARS top sellers like: the laguna bronzer, orgasm multiple and much more. I love this set for many reasons:

One, it  gives a person a chance to try out this amazing brand with out breaking the bank, secondly you are given a beautiful palette of eyeshadows which gives the wearer an ability to create looks that are appropriate for day or night, and lastly, you are able to try NARS best sellers like: the laguna bronzer, the multiple in Orgasm and a beatiful lipgloss. You essentially will have makeup for your eyes, lips and cheeks, love it!!

I currently own a few things from NARS such as the casino bronzer, orgasm, love joy and taos blush, few eye duos Sheer Glow foundation in Cadiz, a canes multiple and the orgasm lipgloss and I love them all! I feel that NARS products last such a long time due to the fact that there is so much product you get in each compact.  Now what exactly is in this beautiful beauty in a box?


Beauty In A Box: NARS Junkie ($121 Value)
What it is:
A limited-edition kit featuring a handpicked collection of our favorites from NARS, plus a how-to guide.

What it does:
Sephora has teamed up with NARS to bring you this exclusive "Beauty in a Box" set featuring our latest product fixations, plus a step-by-step tutorial. Available for a limited time only.

This set contains:
– Essential Eye Palette – 5 x 0.05 oz Eyeshadow in Night Star (sheer peach with gold pearls), Galapagos (rich bronze with gold flecks), Nepal (rose with shimmer), Ondine (plum with gold shimmer), Thunderball (midnight gray) plus 0.03 oz Cream Shadow in Unconditional Love (peach beige shimmer)
– 0.28 oz Lip Gloss in Ophelia (strawberry nectar)
– 0.14 oz mini Multiple in Orgasm (peachy pink shimmer)
– 0.08 oz mini Bronzer in Laguna (brown with golden shimmer)

What else you need to know:
This set of NARS signature shades can be combined to create an endless array of looks, whether you're off to work or prepping for a party. To help get you started, the kit includes illustrated, step-by-step guides for creating three distinct looks: "Bronzed Glow, Sparkling Eye," "Romantic and Radiant," and "A Sophisticated, Smoldering Eye."

I am liking this kit a bit more because it includes a set by step tutorial which is great for someone that is new to makeup or for someone that just needs some new tips in applying their makeup for a flawless look. Overall, if you are a fan or NARS or a new fan of NARS I totally would recommend trying the NARS Beauty In A Box: NARS Junkie ($121 Value) Beauty In A Box: NARS Junkie for yourself or gift it to someone special for the holidays.

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Sephora Collection Color Diary: Great Travel Companion & Gift For The Holidays!

Hey my beauty chameleons! I just had to hop on real quick a share this cute makeup palette with you all! Are anyone of you Sephora shoppers? If so, do your remember the 4 in 1 Color Play palette that came out during Mother's day? You know. . . the palette that you can pop out your favorite palette of shadows and travel with them? I thought that creation was so genious! Well, to my surpise this morning while I was going through my email I came across a new one from sephora and guess what? Another genious creation that is available now! The new creation is Sephora's limited edition SEPHORA COLLECTION Color Diary ($155 Value) Color Diary , $35. When I saw this I had to go check it out! The same concept, but this time there is more blush and a travel size lip gloss for each color story! I thought this is great for my chameleons that are just breaking into makeup and don't want to spend a lot of money on the MAC palette of eye shadows, for sure!


Details About the Palette From Sephora:


What it is: A portable compact with lip gloss, blush, and an ensemble of five snap-in eyshadow palettes.

What it does: Color Diary is the newest collection of five event-themed color palettes designed to create an eminently wearable range of looks. From new fashion-forward shades to classic must-have colors, just choose a palette, snap it into the compact, and go!

Interchangeable Color Palettes:

– Hot Date At Eight: Seductive, smoky grays and black

– Relax And Unplug: Shimmery nudes and soft browns

– Meditation Retreat: Soothing greens and browns

– Day At The Museum: Primary colors like red, yellow and blue

– Must Get New Shoes: Flirty pinks and purples

This set contains:

– Six eyeshadow palettes

– Blush

– Tube lip gloss

What else you need to know:

These high-payoff formulas in interchangeable palettes are exclusive to SEPHORA COLLECTION. The lip gloss comes with a doe foot applicator that requires no other tools for application.


I love the names of each color story and how you can interchange the palettes with ease. I swear this would make a nice addition to anyone makeup collection or if you are like me and you start your holiday shopping early this would definitely make a great birthday gift or christmas gift for that makeup diva in your life. Now, question. . . Does anyone own the original 4 in 1 color play palette from Sephora? What are your thoughts? Love or Hate it? I know I saw it in store and played with it and loved it!!

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MAC Cosmetics: Beauty Chameleon’s Favorite MAC Eye Shadows

Hi everyone! I can not believe that we are already into the month of September! Were did the summer go? Well, today I was going through some request from my youtube channel (NHOP76) and a lot of my subscribers wanted to know what my favorite MAC Cosmetics eye shadows were? Some also wanted to know if I owned a huge MAC eyeshadow collection too, and honestly I don't. I think I own maybe 45 shadows from mac and that's about all. The only reason why is I love so many others makeup brands other than MAC. So, with that said please don't feel like you have to own every shadow I am showing. First search through your makeup collection and if you find colors similar use them otherwise if you feel compelled to purchase that is up to you. But anyway, my lovely subscriber Cheez12345 from youtube requested this video and I had to do it. If you have not checked out her youtube channel you should. She is a very sweet and beautiful woman and tips and tricks of her own.

But, Jaya this is for you and others that would like to know my favorites and there are a lot. Hopefully this will be a guide or reference to those breaking into makeup or are an aspiring makeup artist looking for colors to use in you kit.


My Favorite Warm Tones From MAC Cosmetics:



Colors From Left to right:

  • Top Row: Grain, Bamboo, Soba, Orb, Bright Future
  • Second Row: Brun, HoneyLust, Flip, Soft Brown, Firespot
  • Third Row: 100 Strokes, Embark, HandWritten, Brown Script, Firecracker


Favorite Blues & Greens:




Colors From Left to Right:

  • Rite Of Spring, Aquadisiac, Aquavert, Rated "R"
  • Clarity, Gulf Stream, Club, One Off
  • Climate Blue, Freshwater, Femme Noir


Favorites Purples, Pinks & Greys



Colors from Left To Right:

  • Top Row: Crystal Avalanche, Seedy Pearl, Swish, Da Bling
  • Second Row: Silver Ring, Parfait Amour, Creme De Violet, Sushi Flower
  • Third Row: Carbon, graphology, Virbrant Grape


As you all may know you can find MAC eye shadows at your local MAC store or if you don't live near a MAC store you can find them at your local departments stores like, Macys, and Dillards too. I hope that you all found this helpful in your search for eye shadows. Also, What are your favorite MAC eyeshadows? Please share!! You never know. . . You may find them in my kit one day soon!


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Urban Decay Book Of Shadows 3: Holiday 2010

UPDATE!! The Urban Decay Book of Shadows 3 is now available at ULTA Beauty and


Okay. . .  My beauty Chameleons! You all know I am a Urban Decay Junkie, right? Well, I just had to share with you all some information I came across while reading one of my favorite youtube guru's blog by Marlena over at Okay. . . let me calm myself down, lol. You know Urban Decay is famous for coming with beautiful limited edition palettes for the holiday season right? Like the very first Book of Shadows which I love so much and still own. Then they came out with the Book of Shadows II last Holiday and yes I have that one too. Lastly, this past spring they came out with the limited edition Alice In Wonderland Book of Shadows too! Well this holiday season Urban Decay will be release another fabulous palette for you die hard Urban Decay fans. The new Book of Shadows III is due to launch out this fall and it is so going to be in my collection.

The New Book of Shadows III will be influenced by NYC (New York City). Just check out the pretty packaging that I saw on the web! From what I read online the  palette will includes 16 eyeshadows (0.03 oz. each, total of 0.48 oz.), 2 miniature-sized eyeliners (0.03 oz. each, total of 0.06 oz.), and 1 minature-sized Primer Potion (0.13 fl. oz.). This cute Book of Shadow will retail for $54 and you know it will be available a soon!



Isn't it so cute? I can not wait to get my hands on this gorgeous Book! Stay tuned because there will be a review and swatches coming with this bundle of joy! Are any of you planning on getting one? If so. let me know if you would like to see some tutorials using colors from this palette by leaving your comments below. Until then eveyone have a fabulous weekend 🙂

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Cargo SPF 20 Tinted Moisturizer Review

Isn't it hot this summer? I know it is here in central Texas and with that said wearing foundation becomes less motivating because of the heat. So, I had to come up with a solution because I still like to wear foundation to even out my skin tone during the days I want to wear makeup, however I did not want to have my skin weighed down. My solution? My new favorite, Cargo SPF 20 Tinted Moisturizer! If you watch me on youtube you may have noticed that I mentioned this foundation a lot but have not done a full review for you yet. Well, with everything I like to wear new foundations for a while before I share.

I have been wearing my new summer favorite, Cargo SPF SPF 20 Tinted Moisturizer for over a month and I love it!! This product absorbs quickly into my skin, goes on super smooth, and long lasting. In addition to that it also moisturizes my skin well made my skin feel soft with out feeling greasy and it also protects my skin from premature aging! What more could a girl ask for, lol. The packaging is very sleek and easy to use!

More about what they say about this product:

"A skin energizing mineral and botanical complex delivers the benefits of a facial, nourishing and restoring the complexion"

Light-diffusing pigments help camouflage imperfections and even out skin tone, without heavy coverage

All-natural UV filters provide daily protection from the sun, without harsh chemicals

Free of oil, parabens and fragrance

Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 is available in four shades to suit all skin tones:

Ivory – for women who wear Cargo Liquid Foundation F-10 to F-30

Nude – for women who wear Cargo Liquid Foundation F-20 to F-45

Honey – for women who wear Cargo Liquid Foundation F-45 to F-70

Tan – for women who wear Cargo Liquid Foundation F-60 to F-90


Pros: Feels fabulous on the skin and you can even set it a powder! It Has an SPF 20 (20X 10= 200 minutes of protection out side) Non greasy, and offers some coverage!
Cons: The price $32. Only available in 4 shades. They say that Tan are for skintones from F60 to F90? I would be worried about putting this tone on my deeper skintone sistas out there with worries of the ashy look. I think Cargo should come up with one more shade darker.


What the tinted moisturizer looks like on. My shade is Tan, I am NC42 in mac.



Now, after apply this product I did notice that the color set to be a bit deeper than my complexion.  So in order to neutralize it I decided to of course apply concealer to the needed areas of my face. For those that are curious I wear MAC studio finish concealer in NW35. After that I used my Make up Forever Duo Mat Powder (My shade in MUFE is 207 in Duo MAT) on top. The MUFE powder is a shade lighter than my skin, so it was perfect to use with this tinted moisturizer to balance of the color when wearing this product.

This product can be found at or any Sephora Inside JCPenney Store. Sephora Freestanding does not carry Cargo any longer. Overall great brand and I would recommend anyone to try this awesome product!!

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Urban Decay Naked Palette Reveiw

Okay, my beauty chameleons!! After seeing many reviews of the Urban Decay’s Naked Palette on twitter and Youtube I decided to get my hands on this palette today! Why? Well this is such a beautiful palette of neutrals that any woman would want to have in her eye shadow wardrobe. This palette is perfect for everyday looks and most importantly it is a perfect palette for women that are on the go and travel! Why carry around dozens of neutral eye shadow singles in your travel bag when you can have all of the neutral shadows needed in one palette! In addition to the collection of colors you all get a dual ended eye liner in Urban Decay’s most popular shade Zero (black) and the new Whiskey (matte brown), and the Urban Decay Primer Potion too!

I personally love the Velvet exterior of the palette with the gold lettering of the name of the palette too. It feels and look so luxurious. As far as the shadow quality? Fabulous! I like the fact that Urban Decay include a few matte shadows like Naked Buck in addition to the beautiful monochormatic shadow of browns and the black and silver toned shadow too all for $44! This palette can literally take you from day to night! The pigmentation is awesome as usual with this brand and they have never let me down on that. I love Urban Decay! I wish I could take the entire Gondula of Urban Decay from Sephora and have it in my home for personal use, lol. I can dream though, right? Anyway, here is a closer look of the palette and swatches:

Here are the swatches:

More About this palette & What They Say About It At Sephora:

These neutrals won’t leave you naked. THIS is how Urban Decay does neutral: Far from boring, the Naked Palette includes 5 NEW shades (with names like Buck, Darkhorse, and Virgin) in addition to seven of the brand’s most addictive best-selling eyeshadows. This is a shadow palette that everyone will want, everyone can use, and everyone will buy. Experiment with office-appropriate neutrals, summertime bronzy looks, or sultry smokiness (achieve golden, brownie, or grey-hued shade combos). Plus, you get an exclusive double-ended version of the award-winning 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Zero (black) and Whisky (a warm brown shade without sparkle) and a mini genie bottle of Eyeshadow Primer Potion. With all this at your fingertips…you’ll hardly need clothes at all.

This set contains:
– 12 x 0.05 oz shadows: Virgin (nude satin), Sin (champagne shimmer), Naked (buff matte), Sidecar (beige sparkle), Buck (brown matte), Half Baked (bronze), Smog (golden brown shimmer), Darkhorse (bronze-plum shimmer), Toasted (taupe-bronze), Hustle (mocha shimmer), Creep (near-black metallic), Gunmetal (dark grey metallic)
– 2 x 0.02 oz Double-ended 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Zero (black) and Whisky (warm brown)
– 0.13 oz Travel Size Eyeshadow Primer Potion

Currently, I noticed the Urban Decay Naked Palette is sold out at Sephora online and Urban Decay online, so hopefully they will be coming out with more for those of you that are dying to have this palette in your hands to use for this fall season. I checked with and it appears that they do not carry this gorgeous palette yet, but I will definitely keep you all posted!In the meantime, if you leave close to a Sephora Store definitely go check them out and see if they have in stock.

Lastly, be on the look out on my youtube channel Nhop76 because I will be coming up with a few tutorials on how to create some fun looks to wear to work, everyday, and the club too!

***Update!! The Naked Palette is now available at search by Urban Decay Kits!

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Bag Lust: Be & D Studded Foldover Tote (Love It!!)

Every once in a while I will have a lust for something extra special. . . Okay most of the time, hahaha.  Well, late last night I was browsing the web through many retailers looking for everything from the new arrivals of fall fashion such as shoes, handbags and makeup too! I guess I was in need of retail therapy. Well, I landed on and came across this gorgeous, GORGEOUS piece of eye candy. What graced my eyes was this beautiful Studded Foldover Tote by Be & D. I was thinking, Be & D? I was introduced to Be & D by my youtube buddy Toni Duclottni while watching one of her videos on her youtube channel House of Haute and from then I was in love with their line of handbags.

This particular tote By B & D is so hot!! I love the mix of blue leather with the denim and to top that off I LOVE the studding all over this bag. The studding gives this bag that “bling bling” appeal to me. I can just imagine the many ways this bag can be worn during the season.

Bag Details:

Denim in a cloudy wash combines with supple leather to comprise a fold-over tote in an extended, vertical silhouette. Conical studs lend a modern update to the look, while whip stitching details the rolled handle for a subtle finishing touch.

  • Magnetic-snap closure.
  • Exterior magnetic-snap pocket.
  • Removable shoulder strap.
  • Interior zip, wall and cell phone pockets; key clip.
  • Suede lining.
  • Cotton/leather with metal trim.

Fit: Dimensions: 15″W x 16″H x 4″D. (Measures large.)Strap drop: 5″.Shoulder strap drop: 16″.

The price of this bag is. . . $1195, Yikes!! But for fashion I totally would splurge on this hottie, for sure. I guess I better cut back on my makeup hauling, lol because my handbag craving for designer handbags is back! Anyway, I just thought to share with you my handbag lust for the day. What handbag do you lust for? Please share I would live to know! If money was not a issue which bag would you be sporting right now or when you go purchase it? Dream Big!! And of course share 🙂

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