Outfit Of the Day: Boho Chic

The Outfit Details:

  • Sunglass: Cole Hann
  • Gladiator Sandals: Steve Madden
  • Handbag: Louis Vuitton Montergueil PM
  • Necklace: Forever 21
  • Bohemian Blouse: Forever 21
  • Cami by ANA
  • Shorts by ANA
  • Hair: Halley’s Curls Miami Relaxed 14″ & 16″

Today I was just feeling boho chic. I wanted to wear something comfortable, feminine and flowy in this hot Texas weather. This outfit also had to be easy to move in since I was out with my guys exploring.

Ok. . . I can’t believe I am doing this, but I decided to post my first official outfit of the day.  I lot of my youtube subscribers to my channel NHOP76 have been requesting fashion hauls and outfits of the day from myself. At first I will be honest, I  did not want to post pictures of myself showing outfits that I like to wear because I am not at the weight or size I want to be at right now in my life. 6 years ago I lost of 65 pounds and got down to a beautiful size 8/10 and I would be in heaven in that size now in order to posts outfits of the day. Right now I am a size 14 and currently working on losing 30 pounds, so as I begin to start posting my outfits of the day you will also get a chance to see me melt away the pounds in new outfits!

A special thanks goes out to my hubby who took the photos of me while we were out celebrating Father’s day. We took our son to Mt. Bonnell here in central Texas where the views were just so beautiful from the top of this mountain. We also went to the state capitol of Texas and learn a little history about the state we live in.

So divas, stayed tuned. For now my future outfits of the day will be posted here onto my blog until we get used to taking pictures and videos out on location. Once we get that down I will start posting some live in action outfits of the day on my channel on youtube. In the meantime, I would love your feedback on this first outfit of the day by leaving your comments below.



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Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics Haul #2 & Forever 21 Haul!

Hey my beauty chameleons!! How are you all doing this summer? I hope you all are having fun sporting some of your new looks while enjoying this summer with your friends and family. I know I am having fun with my family with mini vacations here and there and at the same time I have been hauling and experimenting with news things that I can not wait to share with you all in the next coming weeks.

In the meantime, I made another trip to the Lush store here in Austin and decided to pick up a few things for me and my son too! I have to say we had a great time at the Lush store. This time around I took my son with me so that he can play and check out some soapsand  colorful bombs that he could try during bath time as well! Let me tell you, the associates at the Lush store is soooo amazing! They made my son's experience a fun one. They showed my son how to create a bubble bath with the bath bars and after they created the bath the sales associate told my son to place some bubbles in his hands and give him a bubble high five and OMG. . . my son was in heaven!! I though that was so cute! Needless to say he ended up with a few finds of his own and left with his own Lush bag and we even snuck over to Amy's ice cream for a treat afterwards too!

Anyway. .  so what did I get? Let's get started:

Creamy Candy Bubble Bar,$7.25 This is still my favorite bubble bar!! It smells sweet and create big frothy bubbles to soak in when you need that nice spa feeling from a long day at work. This sweet, pink,heavenly treat smells like a vanilla candy and is sure to make you smile. It smells delicious and contains cocoa butter and almond oil for supremely softened skin.

Dorothy Bubble Bar, $5.95. I got this one for this my son because he loves rainbows and this bar had a nice fresh scent to it and did not smell feminine. So this one is safe if you have little boys that love bath time. If you love our Figs and Leaves soap, you'll love Dorothy. You can lounge in the blue waters and inhale the scent of orange blossoms and fresh fruit.

Ickle Baby Bot bath bomb, $3.95: This is another item I purchased for my little man. He loved what this one dissolve. During bath time my son would say mommy this robot is shrinking, lol. Lush says, drop it in the bath with baby bots to calm them down. They'll soon be dreaming of electric sheep with a sleep-inducing combination of lavender and sandalwood oils.

Butterball Bath Bomb$4.95:If you want hydration this is the bomb to get! It is not very decorative, but it smells wonderful and delievers supreme moisture with the chucks of cocoa butter (not shea butter, I mentioned in the video.Opps!). I use this one after a long day of work and working out!

Pink Bath Bomb $4.75: This one is fragranced with tonka bean's edgy aroma and the sweetness of vanilla absolute. I believe this one also produces little pink hearts when it explodes in the tub! It's kind of cool to see the heart float around in the water!

Creamed Almond and Coconut Shower Smoothie, $19.99: I was given this as a sample and at first I thought it was a scrub, but to my surprise it was a cleanser that is great for someone with dry skin. According to Lush the Creamed Almond and Coconut is for days when your skin is in need of care and attention. We like it best for the shower, but if you haven't got one, you can stand up in the bath to smooth the fluffy, moisturizing and creamy soap all over you.

Honey I Washed The Kids Soap $7.95: My constant favorite.

Sultana of Soap Soap $5.95: I truly, truly love this soap for the days I want to smell clean and powder fresh! I just ran out of this soap and I am heading back to the Lush store this weekend to purchase more of this more for sure!!

Vanilla Puff Powder Dusting Powder, $9.95: This is a new purchase for me! I have to say I love the scent of this layered over my heavenilli lotion bar. And. .  my skin feels so silky smooth!!

Heavanilli Massage Bar $9.95: My absolute favorite and will never stop getting this one! The smell is just fabulous and my hubby loves this scent on me.

I can't believe I found a new addiction like this other than makeup! I swear when you need somethings to give you that spa experience at home Lush is definitely the spot to go to for that. It is a little pricey, but is totally worth it in my book. Anyway, stay tuned I have so much I want to share with you, but it is looking like I may have to wait until my kiddo is in school in order for me to have more time to film and blog.

Everyone have a fabulous day!

Tasha 🙂

Oh yeah! At the end of the video I will be sharing with you a few things I picked up at Forever 21!! Help me out with a belt decision in the video. What kind of belt should I get?? Send me some links for ideas!


Lush Haul & Forever 21 Haul Video



This post may contain affiliate links. Read my disclosure policy here.