Skincare 101: 6 Steps To Beautiful Skin

Everyone wants the have beautiful glowing skin, right? Just like the beautiful celebrities like Halle Barry, Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashion, and many more. Most people will run to the nearest sephora or drugstore to find that perfect foundation to achieve it, but your really need to pay attention to what is underneath it which is the skin itself. Wearing foundation is great, but if the skin condition underneath it is uneven the foundation can accentual the problem. I found that beautiful skin starts with the skin first and how we take care of it. The skin’s condition is the most important factor to consider when you are want to achieve flawless skin.  So you may ask, how can I get beautiful skin? Well let’s start off with some basics!

Hydrating the skin: Water is very important to your body and skin health. Water helps carry vital nutrients to your skin cells as a result creating nice smooth and plumped skin. Water also helps flush nasty toxins out of our bodies creating radiant skin. So staying hydrated is important. Like the doctors say drink 8 eight ounce glasses of water a day does the body and skin some good.
Healthy Diet equals healthy skin. When the body is given a balance diet of fruits, veggies, grains, and lean proteins the skin is proven to be more clear and radiant. I can attest to that myself because when my diets consist of too much soda, fried foods and rich sauces my skin rebels to blemish city.
Active lifestyle: Get you body moving try simply walking our jogging 2-3 days a week. You will see a difference in your skin and your body too! Exercise helps flush out nasty toxins out of of body and since the skin tissue is the largest organ on the body exercise will make a huge difference with out skin. Check out this intruging article from  Web Md. . .
Skincare Regime for Cleansing the skin day and night. I can promise you that cleansing you skin twice a day will keep you skin nice and clear from breakouts especially if you are a beauty junkie like me and love to wear your favorite makeup brands to enhance your beauty. Cleansing the face at night helps remove your makeup, oils and other free radicals that can cause our precious pores on your face to become clogged and break out. Some of my  favorite cleansers are: Moisture Rescue Fresh Cleansing Foam , Bliss Fabulous Foaming Face Wash 6.7 oz, Murad Refreshing Skin Cleanser 6.75 oz, and Boscia Purifying Cleansing Gel 5 oz.

Night Time Moisturizing for All Skin types: Not having a moistururizer can cause any skintype to become dehydrated after cleansing. In some case after cleansing your PH balance in your skin is low causing the skin moisture level to become unbalanced as a result, the skin appears dull and dehydrated lacking that resilient glow and moisture. Normal to oily skin may want to consider a moisturizer that is more water based like a light weight moisture lotion.

Final Step is to Protect The Skin: When you are getting ready to head out to the great outdoors it is important to protect your skin from the premature aging that is causes by many things such as the sun's harmful UVA/UVB rays, dirt, smoke and pollutants that is in our environment. You can protect you skin by shielding it from these free radicals by using daytime moisturizers with SPF and vitamins A, C, and E. Almost every skin care enthusiasts and dermatologists will recommend this in any skincare regimen. NOTE: When it comes too sunscreen remember this, If you foundation or moisturizer has an SPF 15 take the 15 and multiply it by 10 and that will give you the minutes that sunscreen is good for. So, for this example the SPF 15 is only good for 150 minutes before it expires. So remember if you will be wearing foundation and you will be outdoor longer than that time wear a higher sunscreen under the makeup. However if you are not wearing makeup make sure you re apply your sun screen for continuous protection.

With these steps taken you will be on your way to having beautiful skin. However, I will say that when considering your skin always consult with a doctor for skin (dermatologist, esthetician and etc) for advice if you are unsure on how to deal with your skin. Of course most people will say what about going to the department store or Sephora? Well, speaking from experience with working in both places mentioned consultants hired to work their are only able to give you advice on what product will work best for your skin type and skin concern. Futhermore linking the correct product to you in order to purchased. Which is fine, however if you truly do not have a clue about your skin or if you have highly sensitive skin and over the counter skincare products are not working or making your skin condition worse please go seek help from a professional.

Now, I would like to hear from you!  How do you keep your skin clear and healthy? What are you favorite skincare brands either drug store or highend please share. I would truly like to know and so would other readers too. So far at the moment I have been testing out drugstore skincare by Garnier Nutritioniste's Moisture rescue line and I am loving it so far. I have been using it for a week now and I will definitely give a review on it soon!

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Fitness With P90X: Week 2 & Lots of Sweat!

I can’t believe that I am already on week 2 of the P90X program!! the first week was a challenge getting to know the routine and making it through the workouts! My goal this week is to make it through all of the workouts for the beginning to the end safely.

Yesterday, Saturday was Day one of week 2 and it was the day for Core Synergistics. . . . Well, I was I knew this workout meant core training, but I did not realize it mean extreme core training. OMG!! I was challenged! The one move this is engrained in my head is the bannana/boat move. Holy Smokes!! That was difficult, but I keep working through it to my best, and I mean my best! I have not workout my core like this ever, so I have to say this workout is extreme! There were so many moves to the point I felt my muscles burn! I have to laugh at it now, but later that evening I went out dancing with some friends of my to a local club and I was dancing. . . Then all of a sudden I start to feel sore in my core toward 1am in the morning. I was like why am I feeling so sore? From dancing? Nahhhhh. Then I thought. . . the core synergistic work. Even to this evening I am still sore. So, if you are questioning, will you get a great workout? Yes, YES!!

Today, I was still sore from yesterday’s workout and I had to go into work too! I had a long shift, so I definitely made sure that I packed a healthy lunch, so that I would stay energetic throughout the day and retain enough energy to workout later this evening when I got home from work. My meal plan was simple. (Sorry, I was unable to take pictures. . . I forgot) but. . . I had:

  • breakfast: 2 slices of french toast with sugar free syrup, 1 serving of strawberries, 2 turkey sausages and water
  • Lunch: Protein shake, mandarin orange and water
  • Snack: Mandarin orange and sting cheese
  • Dinner: Lean Cuisine and grapes water
  • Snack: Shrimp and cocktail sauce and water

Later night I decided that before it got too late I better get my exercise on, so on day 9 I popped in Cardio X and to my amazement I made throughout the entire workout! I even worked out a bit harder than last week and was able to pick up the intensisty a bit more too! I am kind of proud of myself from that. I still do not like the bannana/ boat exercise!! I swear I am going to have nightmares about it, lol. How about you all? Have you perfected that one yet? How long did it take to perfect it? Anyway. . . that is how my day went.  how did yours go? I am curious to know so please share.

Well, I am going to hit the showers and get ready for some rest. Stay tuned, a vlog will be posted tomorrow regarding my first week and how it went. Until then, good nite 🙂

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Get fit Tuesday: Week 7

Well, as you can see I will be re-directing my get fit Tuesday videos to this site. I feel that all of us beauty addicts out there love makeup, but we have want to be inshape and healthy to sport or new looks with our beautiful fashions we wear everyday. So enjoy and get fit with me.

So, far this week is going great!! I have complete 3 days of exercise this week already. 3 days of 45 minutes walk/jog for 2 and a half miles!! I have not done that in a long time!! So, I am happy about that, for real! Anyway, check out my video about this past weeks results and all I can say is T.O.M. (the time of the month)

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