Bubble Babez Bath Co Review: New Samples Sizes & More!

Hey all! I just recently received a package from my new favorite bath & body company called Bubble Babez Bath Company! If you haven't read my previous post about the bubble Babez Bath Company Click "Here" for more info about the company and my previous haul. Anyway, since that post and haul I was very impressed with my purchases of my Pretty In Pink Bath & Coco loco as well as my Honey Chile Bath Bomb to the point they are almost all gone!! I am not kidding I loved the items so much!! So, they will definitely be on my next order!

In the meantime, the Bubble Babez Bath Company was so nice to send me a special package of items for me to try and share with you all. The items sent to me was another bath bomb, called Diamond Diva, a Come and Get It sugar scrub, and Kiddie soap for my son (and let me tell he was so excited to receive a present from Nikkie! He had the biggest smile ever because he loves to smell goo too, lol) called Gianni. The new item she sent me is something new that is available now on the Bubble Babez website.They now offer sample soaps! That's right sample soaps! You know how you get a sample soaps from other bath companies and they give you literally a sliver size of the soap? Well, at bubble babez you actually get a baby version of the full sizes! Not just 1, but 5 samples for $4.50. I thought that was amazing because now you can try a decent size before you buy the full size, fabulous!

Here are my Bubble Babez Goodies




Diamond Diva, $5.00: Is A huge bath bombs designed for a nice relaxing bath in-order to get you body to relax with the soothing scent of Lavender.  To top it off this gorgeous bath bomb is bedazzled with a little touch of glitter for you glam divas out there.

Come & Get It Sugar Scrub, $6.00:  Has a beautiful feminine scent of rose. This package comes with 6 cubes of  sugar scrubs that you can use to buff and shine your body with. All it takes is just 2 cubes to massage and reveal beautiful smooth skin.

Gianni Soap (Kiddie Corner) $6:00: This soap was not for me, lol. However it was sent as a special gift from my son! He was so excited like I mention before! I personally loved that this soap smelled like a baby scent. Like Johnson & Johnson. You know we never want are little ones to grow up, but this was perfect for him. He love that he felt squeaky clean and I loved that the product was gentle for his young skin too. The soap is almost gone! He loves it that much!

Samples I received ( On the site you can get 5 samples for $4.50): 

Up in The Clouds (Candy Shop): Smells Like cotton candy to me! Very sweet and fun!

Guaca Melly (Fruit Stand): Is an avocado soap with exfoliating apricot seeds and is scented with cucumber melon. This one smell just yummy and if you are familiar with Koren from EnKore Makeup on youtube he name this tantalizing soap! I think this will be my next favorite!!

The Signature Soap (Perfumery): This soap was handcrafted by Tristian. When you purchase the full size you will notice the cute rubber duck on the inside of the soap. The soap is scented with Strawberry Champagne! This is another soap my son would take from me since he love rubber duckies, lol.


Overall, I am totally satisfied with the goodies the Bubble Babez Bath Co sent to me and I can not wait to run out of my items so that I can place another order with them very soon. Have you tried Bubble Babez bath products? What are you favorites and why? I would love to know!


My Bubble Babez Video Review

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Bath & Body Review: The Bubble Babez Bath Company

Are you a bath and body junkie like me at times? I love smell goods from designer fragrances like Flora by Gucci, Michael Kors, Miss Dior Cherie, and Juicy Couture’s Viva la Juicy to Bath & Body Works and Lush products. In addition to my addiction to makeup I also love bath and body that smells divine and looks fabulous too. With that said, I was going through my collection of bath and body products and noticed that I was very look on my favorites. So, instead of going to my local Lush or Bath and Body store I decided to check out my girl’s, who is also known as Nikkie20six on youtube, new company called, The Bubble Babez Bath Company!

I love to support small businesses that are breaking their way into the beauty mainstream. Businesses like The bubble Babez Company work hard to create products for their customers to genuinely fall in love with. As you all know I am on youtube, NHOP76, and I am also subscribed to Nikkie20six. I found out about the company’s release early this year and after hearing so many great reviews and of course being out of stock of my favorites I had to place an order. I placed an order because they carry a bar soap called Pretty in Pink which resembles the same scent as my FAVORITE fragrance called,

Viva La Juicy Gift Set Viva La Juicy Gift Set

This Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Gift Set includes 1.7 oz Eau de Parfum Spray, 4.2 oz Body Lotion, and 4.2 oz Shower Gel. A $106 Value.

by Juicy Couture!! So, I was in love already not to mention some of the other great products they have available for your entire family on top of great gifts from any special occasion too!

My order arrived fairly quickly and when I opened the box I was blown away by the beautiful scents that began to fill my home! I totally was ready to use the products that night, but I said calm down wait. . . And share this amazing products with your beauty chameleon family! So, I did because love you all so much.

Here is what I received:

  • #5 Honey Chile Bath Bomb That is topped with sugary butterflies with the scent of sweet honey and almond blend. This product is made to with luxurious milk powders, oils and butters that moisturize and leaves the skin feeling smooth. $5.00 each
  • #24 Coco Loco Bar soap the is scented with the exotic coconut, $4.00 each
  • #25 Pretty In Pink. . . This is my favorite!! I am not kidding, This one is scented like Juicy Couture’s Viva La Juicy scent which has notes of gardenia, mandarin, caramel, vanilla and praline! I love this scent so that is why I purchased this soap. I actually used it in the shower and it smells divine and leave your skin squeaky clean. $6.00 This soap is so pretty!!

The Bubble Babez Bath Company was also so kind to included a note of appreciation and some extra goodies for me to try too! So, I was so delighted with that and such wonderful service from the company! I received a the following samples:

  • Oatmeal and Honey soap smells so much like a oatmeal cookie and I can images how moisturizing the honey will be for my skin. $5.00 each
  • #26 Boobalicious bar soap which smells like a yummy fruity pina colada with moisturizing¬† jojoba beads for gentle exfoliation of the skin. $4.00 each
  • Milk and Honey soap which has a scent of vanilla and honey!

I have been in scent heaven since I had received my goodies and I can not wait to soak in my beautiful scents from The Bubble Babez Bath Company. I a few minutes I will be testing out my honey chile bath bomb and I will update this post with my results. Anyway, stay tuned there will be a video review of my haul from the Bubble Babez Bath Company.


Ok. . . Ladies!! My bath was fabulous!! My honey chile bath bomb was so moisturizing to my body. When I placed the bath bomb in my bath water it dissolved and turned my bath water into a girlie pink color and my entire masterbath smelled wonderful! On top of that I used my pretty in pink bath soap and what a lather I got when I used it with my loofah. Not to mention the bath bar smelled like my Viva La Juicy! I am such a creature of habit and I will be placing another order with more pretty in pink and my honey chile bath bombs too! It would be nice if they made a body lotion with the same scent too (smile). But let me tell you, I am so happy with my order and I can’t wait to order things for myself and for my friends too!

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