Shinto Clinical By Kimora Lee Simmons: I am Excited About This One!

Hey beauties! I have to ask you all a question. Are any of your fans of Kimora Lee Simmons? I know I am! I currently have been a fun of Kimora Lee Simmons since she hit big on the fashion runway, to her days with Baby Phat, The release of her book, "Fabulosity" which I recommend all you of beauty chameleons out there to read. Fabulosity is a great book that inspires you the rethink about life and how you can stand out and make it fabulous as a woman of this world. I also followed he fashion launch of Fabulosity in JC Penney Stores and I still Have my first purchase of baby Phat Jeans and Fabulosity jeans too. (working out getting my big butt back into fitting them though, lol) Even to this day, I totally enjoy watching Kimora in her T.V. series Kimora, Life In the Fab Lane. I love how she works her successful business and still make time to be a mom, a wife and and inspiration to millions of women around the world. Do you watch Kimora, Life in the fab line now? I do and I love it!

The past Sunday I DVR'd the show and I finally watched it. I was very intrigued with Kimora's new venture with KLS and the many brands underneath. The venture that intrigues me the most (You know I am a product junkie, but. . .) is her new Shinto Clinical skincare line that she will be launching this spring!That's right skincare!! How genius of her to brand a skincare line toward women of many ethnicity, right?

I enjoyed watching her cast the many faces of Shinto Clinical through using everyday women verses using celebrity faces and famous models. I think that is a fresh idea and it will relate to many everyday women like us right? I also like the fact that at the end of all of the casting she included her beautiful VP (name) to be apart of the photo-shoot that was held at the famous Smashbox studios in L.A. How fabulous was that?

All in all, I can't wait to get my hands on it and try it for myself. And, I am sure that many of you are thinking the same thing too. If you are looking to try Kimora's New Shinto Clinical I would recommend signing up to be notified when the skincare brand is launch because I am pretty sure that her line will sell out fast!! To check out and sign up for Shinto Clinical click "here". To be up to date with Kimora check out her website and her twitter "TheOfficialKimora".

Well, until next weeks episode of Kimore, Life in the Fab Lane you all stay blessed and Fabulous!! Also let me know how you feel about Kimora's skincare launch! I would love to know 🙂

Tasha 🙂

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My Life Today: Where Have I Been??

Many of you may be asking. . Where have you been Mrs. Chameleon? Where are the fun makeup tutorials, hauls, and review videos and such. Well a lot has happened since the holidays for sure. Of course with the holidays comes busy times with the family in celebration of the season. Christmas shopping, holiday parties with my son's school and friends and family. With all of the said a lot happened in between. Before Christmas Mr. Chameleon (my hubby) got injured. If you all did not know my entire family practice martial arts. My son and I practice Taekwondo. Mr. Chameleon II (my little man) is currently a purple belt and myself a green belt and next week if all goes well and my body heals from being sick we both will advance to our next belt ranking. My son will be a blue belt and I a purple belt. So I will keep you posted on that for sure!! Here is a picture of us in action. These were taken back in November and we got them back in time for Christmas!

Anyway, back to my hubby. . . He practices Schu Fu which is a mix forms of martial arts that he loves to do, so in essence we all learn from each other! Well before Christmas my hubby was at home practicing a jump front kick and when he landed his left foot just gave out of him and he landed to the ground. As a result, I had to rush him to the ER. Long story short he broke his foot and several metatarsals, sprained his knee too! So he ended up having surgery on his foot before Christmas. In the mist of everything I was running the entire household while working my full time job, getting my son to and fun school and to martial arts in the evening on top of getting the home ready for Christmas. So let me tell I was superwoman and I wore my cape well, lol. I guess God makes us strong that way, huh. Even with everything that went on we still had a wonderful Christmas.

Christmas was so nice that I haven't had a chance to share my Christmas and post Christmas makeup haul and random hauls with you all, but believe me they are still coming better later than never, right? Here is a sneak peak 🙂

Since the new year I have been busy working, taking care of my family, getting hubby to and from doctors and rehabilitating his knee and foot. The good thing is that he is now in a boot and can walk around and drive now. I know for sure he is happy about that! I know it must be had for him to sit and do nothing and not be able to help when needed and now he can, Yay!! In addition to taking caring him and my son too I have also been taking better care of myself too with my new fitness and better eating routine. I have been doing martial arts 2 times a week and Cardio 2 more days that same week. At the same time I have been eating better too, so with that said the month of January I lost 8lbs beginning weight 196 to 188lbs (I am 5'8") and I carry my weight very well some would say.

So, needless to say I have been a busy lady and unable to film videos like I want to. You know me I like to produce quality videos and that takes time. I could have made some video, but I been holding out for a reason. Remember around Christmas time I have been waiting to get a new camcorder that would film higher quality video and HD at that? Well, I must have been a good girl, but Santa delivered a late gift to me which is my new CAMCORDER!! I got a Canon Vixia HF R100!! Yayyyyyyyy!! I can finally film better quality videos for my beauty chameleons out there!!

I can not wait to use this bad boy. Hubby and I (well mainly hubby, lol) worked on the settings and played with it for a while, but now I am ready to film like crazy, but here is the another catch.

At the beginning of this month of February my seasonal allergies turned into upper respiratory infection and loss of my voice. .  which means no video making for me at all. (sad face) I have been sick with allergies, I thought, since last week Friday evening after martial arts class and it got worse on Sunday at work when my voice started to go. Then I went to work Monday thinking I was feeling well, but at the end of my shift I went home feeling 100 time worse  with no voice at all, coughing, congestion and body aches without a fever?? Needless to say I went to the doctor and it was confirmed, I was sick and should have listened to my body. So all of this week I have been resting in bed, trying to at least.

It is hard for me to just rest and not do something. I swear it got so bad I was organizing my makeup in bed, lol. I went through my makeup and threw away all products that expired or started to smell rancid (old lipsticks and such). I recommend this to everyone to do this. I also moved my entire makeup collection to my top 3 shelves of my dresser so that everything was in one centralized location, and yes an updated makeup collection video will be coming!!

I am grateful that my family have been so great in letting me rest so that I can heal. Drinking lots of tea thanks to my awesome twitter friends recommendations and lots of soup. As of tonight I am feeling a little better  especially since Hubby picked up a icy hot patch for my back, man I feel old, lol. My goal for the weekend is to rest, work lightly and enjoy my family so that I can be ready for work, belt testing and filming more videos for you all too.

Anyway, I pray and hope that you all are doing well in this new year and stay tuned for much, much more!!

Be well and stay healthy!


Tasha 🙂

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