Hair: Milky Way Saga Gold remy Yaky Hair Update

Remy-YakiLadies!! If you all watch me on youtube before Christmas I recently had my extensions sew in and I created a video to let everyone know what the results were and how much I love my hair. Many viewers loved the way my hair turned out and wanted me to create a update date video on how long my Milky Way Saga Gold Remy Yaky Hair last.  So, I did. I have to say I LOVE this hair. It has been 3 weeks and the hair look awesome!!

Last night I washed it and my natural hair and it still look as great or even better then when I first put this hair in. I originally purchase this hair from The reason why I purchase this hair from them is because of the price point. It was less expensive to purchase this hair online then getting it from my local beauty supply store, and the quality of the hair is fabulous. There is no matting, tangling and shedding with this hair which is what I love. You can also straighten and curl this because it is 100% human hair.

This is what my packages look like:

remi hair 2

The color I order was 1B30 and I love the color. Many friends and clients of mine say this hair look great with my complexion, so I am very pleased with this color and I am so happy!! For the style on my hair I order two bags and I ended with a little extra left over. Anyway, if you are curious to know my thoughts and see my update thoughts check out the video below:

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  1. This was helpful I like how in depth you are!

  2. likisha says

    hey I also have the saga gold remy installed since the begiining of april and like you I have shedding and a big clump of hair matting on one side so I agree about the 6 to 8 week rule! Have you everr used outre velvet remi hair if so how is it?

    • Natasha says

      No, I have not tried the outre velvet remi hair before, but I did hear some good reviews on youtube.

      • Stephanie says

        Hi, I’m looking for someone to do a natural looking sewin full head of extensions. I’m temporarily in Killeen, TX. I thought someone mentioned u were in Central Texas. Can u recommend someone or several people? I will drive!

        • Natasha says

          Check your e mail. I sent you a message with a contact person for hair. I hope that helps, Tasha 🙂

  3. Shakesha says

    OMG…ur hair looks amazing! I got my sew in almost 3wks ago and i absolutely LOVE this hair. This is my first sew in ever and I will continue to use this hair. I will be washing my hair soon, so your video really helped me out! Thanks! And by the way…ur make up is flawless!!!

    • Natasha says

      Thank you so much!! I am so happy to hear that you are looking your first sew in!! That is exciting!

  4. tiffany says

    How many packs of hair did you use/

  5. Hi Tasha! Your hair looks fabulous and very natural. Your videos are very helpful! I love to change my hair and have gone a year without doing anything major to it (besides wearing wigs). I have decided it’s time to let my hair rest for a while and go back to extensions. I live in North Austin…would you mind sharing with me who does your hair?

  6. Hi i was just wondering how much hair came in the pack?
    The weight would be helpful…or the width of the weft?
    Thank you

    • Natasha says

      Ooo! Thats a great question. I has been a long while since I have worn this hair. I would google the name of the hair and I am sure you can find out the weight and width of the weft. Sorry, I don’t remember 🙂

  7. Hi Natasha
    I live in the UK and I'm thinking of changing from Remi godess to the Saga but shipping this hair from states???? Any suggestions on websites etc…. to purchase from or what the normal RRP is?? Thank you

  8. how did your stylist braid it? in a circle?

    • Natasha says

      Kind of circles in sections. I keep asking her to take pictures, but she is so darn shy, lol

  9. gotcha, I got this hair installed on Saturday, and I love it, it's so soft and silky and it doesn't tangle. I'm glad I saw your review, you really encouraged me to get this hair. it looks amazing on you and I wanted to look good too! lol. so if any of your subscribers live in the Waco area, I went to Regis salon in the mall and had Lisa install it. 

  10. Azeeza says

    Hi Tasha,
    I have saga remi yaki 12 and 14 inch and it’s shedding like crazy I’ve had it in for a week and I’m thinking about taking it out. Any suggestions on how to stop the shedding or is replacing the hair my only hope?
    Thanks for your help!
    By the way I love your tutorials very helpful!

    • Natasha says

      Did you cut the wefts too much when you installed the hair? The only reason why I ask is when cutting the wefts it weakens the hair and causes a lot a shedding with the hair extensions. I have my styling sew my hair in continuously so avoid the shedding. If you have cut the wefts too much you may have to replace the hair. Let me know, Tasha 🙂

  11. Jillian says

    Hey! I love the details you give! I had remy velvet n for three months and it’s held up very well (it was sewn in) and it’s been great but I hate the matting and frizzing. And I was wondering do u wrap your hair at night with the milkyway remi or just cover it up ?

    • Natasha says

      I usually wrap it up at night with this hair, because too much friction makes the hair frizz and tangle.

  12. Michelle says

    Hey, Your hair is amazing. I also have a sew in with the same hair and i love it! How do you wrap it when you sleep because when i wrap mine one side comes out perfectly straight and the other side is curled and crinkly. Straightening it takes too long in the morning :/

    • Natasha says

      Hi Michelle,

      Check out my playlist on my youtube channel. I have a hair playlist and one of my videos shows how I wrap up my hair. On some days I have the same problem too.

  13. when we talk about hair care, dont forget hair vitamins too like biotin and b5″*”

  14. Michelle says

    I have just gotten a sew in like a week and a half ago with the Milky Way Saga Gold Remy hair. It sheds really bad and is already becoming tangled. I wrap it every night. What am I doing wrong and what are the best products to use to maintain my sew in?

  15. I'm addicted to Saga Gold. The style I wore was Parisan Glam. I just love big & curly hair. But I wantto try straight hair. But never been satisfied with the brands I had. Next time, I am going to try Milky Way Saga Gold Remy Yaky! thanks

  16. saterra carter says

    HI Tosha,
       My name is Saterra I'm'from Pittsburgh PA and for the past year or more I've been wearing sew in weaves and I have also been searching for the perfect hair and in Feb 2011 i started buying remy hair that time iI bought a brandcalled Idol Indian Remy and i loved it. But the only thing when I went back they dicontinued that brand so the clerk showed mwe the Milky Way Saga Remy Gold it was only a $1.00 more and she said it was better anyway so I went home braided my hair and sewed it in i got10" #1 and I LOVE IT!!! It looks like my hair and my natural hair is thin so some styles I can go with one bag iI use 2 for the full layered look (10" on top 12" on bottom). Right now i used 1 bag so it can look like my natural hair its the length of my natural hair I'm recovering my hair from chemicals.I look forward to more videos in the future and I don't see myself using another brand of hair Oh and in my area it's only $27.99 I don't know about color I wanna try that next Saga Remy is great quality.

  17. Diva Taylor says

    This was my first time watching one of your videos and I really enjoyed it. I am getting a sew in really soon and I purchased this same hair brand from my local beauty supply store today. I wish I would have seen your video first because I paid WAY too much for it. I am so glad that you said that your hair is not getting tangled or matted. I have gotten several sew-ins and I hate when it sheds really bad or matt up on you. Who don't want everybody looking at me knowing that my hair is fake is me!! LOL Shoot…I don't even want my husband to know. Hello Lights!

  18. Phoenix Anderson says

    I purchased the Remy Saga Gold and its shedding terribly. I havent had in in for a month yet. My hairdresser sewed in and the label states; no shedding and that why I purchsed it but not only sheds it mats up as well. I am so disappointed. I add a very light oil sheen and wrap it every nite. I am so ready to take it out.

    • Natasha says

      Quick questions for you concerning how you are caring for the hair?

      How often are you washing the hair?
      How often do you heat style the hair. (curling irons, flat irons and such)
      Do you wear your hair in protective styles during the week?
      Do you use heat protecting sprays when styling?

      The only reason why I ask these question is that most people use too must excessive heat on the hair daily, use hair products on the hair daily even a little but of oils daily can cause product build up which leads to matting. The other thing is that when the hair is dried out from the other use of heating tools is will break off or “Shed”. Just think about it, if you were to heat style your natural hair everyday it would become dry and break off right? Well, that is the same thing that will happen to the hair extension too. Also not washing the hair weekly or twice a week will also cause stress on the hair too. So let me know what your routine is because simply changes some things in your routine change help make up extension last much longer.

      I hope this helps,

      Tasha 🙂

  19. Sheree says

    Hi, I know I'm very late viewing this video, but I wanted to tell you how great you hair looked in both of the remy saga videos. My co-worker and I have become instant fans of your website and Youtube channel. I cannot wait to view the make up tutorials. Also I wanted to say thanks for giving such in depth review of the Remy Saga hair ( I was considering less expensive brands 🙂 ) but definitely not now. I jotted down all of the products you recommended for the saga hair as well as your own natural hair.  So overall, I'm excited about purchasing this brand and looking forward the final results.
    I know this may be a silly question, but I've never washed weaves or tracks before. You indicated that you washed the hair, I think after 3 weeks of wear, so I was wondering if you actually removed the hair, from your head, or was it still sewn in?

  20. I'm having the same issues with the shedding and matting.. horrible. I havent even had it in a month yet, i dont apply any oil sheen or grease only shine, and i wrap it with a satin scarf at far the worst brand of remy i have had.

  21. Hello, I am a first time buyer of Saga Gold Remly hair from Milky way. I'm a little nervous though after reading all the comments. They're seem to be more bad than good. I have to admit I don't take very good care of my hair when I sew it in, I was wondering if you could tell me a way to take care of it and make it last long. Everytime I would Flat iron other hair I've used it would lose its " luster" and it wasn't as shiny and didn't "flow" as much. Anything you can tell me would help. Thank you in advance 🙂 

  22. Stephanie says

    So I had prom recently and I got my weave put in the same day. I wore curls but it took a lot of heat to get my hair curly. I had to curl and re-curl the same spot several times, meaning I used a lot of heat the first day. Will it damage the weave or affect the longevity of the weave?

    • Natasha says

      Hi Stephanie,

      Too much heat can damage the hair just like it would damage our very own natural hair. With this hair texture I learned is that it is created with a straight memory. Meaning that it is supposed to resemble hair in the relaxed state, so keeping this to hold curls can be a challenge unless you use a lot of styling products with this one for sure. I hope this helps and I hope that you had a fun and exciting prom!!
      Tasha 🙂

  23. Hey, I just purchased the remy saga hair today and I am to get it sew in tomorrow. I previously had the ringer roll hair and I loved it. I washed it and it still was great with out tangles. I wanted to try out their straight hair this time and I was wondering could you email me the list of products to maintain my hair. It is the summer and my natural hair doesn’t hold up at all and I really want this to last & reading all the comments I know you would be of great help. I couldn’t view the video because I was on my blackberry and not a computer but please email me. Thank you! (

  24. Hi! Have you heard anything about Bobbi Boss Indi Remi Hair?

  25. Sammyjo says

    Hi (: !! I used this hair before and I loved it! My next time i want to create a ombré look . Can the black hair be dyed without destroying the texture or longevity of the hair?

  26. Hi Natasha,
    I am nearing the end of a 3 month run with my very first sew in (I used Indiremi by Bobbi Boss – 2 packs total – 1 pack of 1B and 1 pack of #30 because my real hair is colored all over).  I REALLY appreciate your videos and your website, which I will subscribe to.  I do NOT wash the weave often at all and it mattes like crazy now that it's near the end of my sew in.  The hair I have in now CAN be reused, but I'm kinda interested in trying Saga Gold Yaky because it may match my texture better and only because my real hair is extremely coarse (I still get relaxers on the part left out of my sew in).  Indiremi is really silky and straight and doesn't completely match my real hair texture.  Going forward, I need to wash the weave as I would my real hair (at least once a week) and condition it just like I would my hair.  My weaveologist also cut my wefts after every row, which I'm sure is contributing MAJORLY to the increased shedding.  My regular stylist washed and styled my sew in beautifully though (Shout out to George Edward Salon in Atlanta, GA), but I guess I was just being lazy.  Thanks again for your tips – you're beautiful and I DO plan to show my weaveologist your video so she can sew my hair in the same style as yours! (that's exactly how I wear my real hair!)

    • Natasha says

      Aww. . You are so sweet!! I hope that your new style turns out fabulous and fresh!! Have a fabulous day, Natasha 🙂

  27. Keanna says

    Your website is cool! I will definitely be back to visit! Anywho, I just want to warn all you ladies about Outre Duvessa Remy. Its such bad news! I had this hair installed for 2 weeks and its the worst hair I ever purchased. The hair matts up & tangles like no other! I was probably better off buying just plain Milky Way. I even went as far as emailing the company letting them no how horrible the hair was. My hair stylist even washed it and that didn’t do any good. No oils were used on the hair to make it heavy. Serums were the only hair product I used. But I just purchased the Saga Remy Gold and I’m keeping my fingers crossed because I hear mixed reviews.

  28. Hi Natasha!! I just started watching your tutorials on YouTube, and I must say that I absolutely love you!! I hate that I didn't look you up before I got my sew in. I got the Remy Saga Gold sewn in almost 8 weeks ago, and it's time for a new one. I didn't take good care of the hair, so I'm pretty sure that it's not reusable 🙁 But my question for you is: which type of hair would you recommend me getting since my hair is somewhat coarse. I'm thinking probably the Remy Yaki, but would love your imput. I did love the Remy Saga Gold, but because I wasn't properly educated on how to take care of it, it didn't last as long as is now shedding like crazy and matts up, and I don''t think that it completely matched my hair texture.  I bought the 12 inch originally, and plan on purchasing a shorter length next time. 

  29. Hi, I’ve had my sewin for about two good weeks and it’s shedding and tangling already! I have to go another couple of months with this hair and i need tips. I wrap it every night, i put little to no heat on it, and i dnt use really any oil. Am i doing something wrong? My hair was GORGEOUS the first week and overnight it bacame my worst nightmare! Please help. I like the style of my hair and i would relly appreciate the silkyness i had when i firsy got it.

    • Natasha says

      How often are you washing your hair? I recommend washing at least once a week and a deep condition every other week to keep the tangling at bay. Are you using any hairsprays on the hair? If so that can cause product build on the hair too.

      • Well the first time I had a sew-in everytime I wshed it, it was just a nappy mess. So I'll admit I'mm a little frightend on washing this one. It took me so long to blow dry the other one because it was so tangled. I mean it literally looked like a dead dog on top of my head. When you washed yours did you do anything special to it to stop it from tangling. I mean as soon as i put my head under the water it just like matted up. Washing this is just, as you can see, a nightmare for me. LOL. Please Help

  30. hello Tasha I've been following you for a while. you seemed so happy with this hair that I decide to give it a try. I had mine installe 4 days ago (14 inchs) but I'm kinda disappointed. I've experience matting and tangling in the back. I put no products on it and I wrap it every night with a silk scarf. I use heat three time to curls the front but it does'nt hold the curl.
    I've read your answers, you advice people to treat the hair as if it's our own. what can I do to get it back, what product do you advice me to use?
    many thanks for your help

    • Natasha says

      You may need to wash the hair. The natural oils in your hair transfers to the installed hair and weighs it down too! You may want to try using an holding spray. I sometimes use tresemme curl activator to hold the curls longer throughout the day. Try that and see if that will work for you 🙂

  31. Sherry says

    Hi. I am wearing Saga Gold Remy. It has been in for 2 weeks & I am so disappointed! Out of the bag, it was shedding! I prayed it would stop because as we all know, once you buy it you ae stuck with it. Sad to say it did not stop. I paid $200 for this hair & it tangles & sheds like it it $15 hair. I take such good care with it. I wash it every week, let it air dry, I use no thermal appliances & I do not put any oil on it. I never lie down without tying it up & I only use oil free shine. Can you tell me about the XQ Cuticle Remy. I am told it is the best, but that is what I was told about the Saga Gold.

    • Natasha says

      Wow!! $200 for this hair! Omg!
      As far as the XQ Curticle Remy, I have not used that. The hair I now use if my halleys curls available as I love this hair texture because it is like my hair and it does not shed or tangle like the Saga gold. I have used the halleys curls for 2 installs now and I love it!!

  32. Melissa says

    I have the Remy Saga and i was wonderiny what could i use to shine it without making it heavy on my head?

  33. Are you still using the yaki remy? I have the Brazilian and I loved it at first but now I don’t like it. I’ve used remy yaki before and loved it.

  34. Sheryl says

    I got this hair & it sew-in 4days ago. Started shedding same day it was put in. It sheds very bad & tangles? The package lied??

  35. justvirginhair says

    very detailed, instructional and fun

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