Hair Extensions: How To Get Big Wavy Curls

Do you wear hair extensions or weaves and are board to death of wearing your extension bone straight? I know many women including myself are dying for big wavy curly hair like celebrities such as Kim Kardashion, Jennifer Lopez and many more. Well, lately I have been playing around with my sew in extensions and figured out how to create a beautiful wavy curls with out taking hours to achieve the look! If you are subscribe to my youtube channel NHOP76 you may already seen me sport this style in many videos already and many of my subscribers have been requesting a tutorial on how to create my wavy curly hair! Well, today I will be sharing with you all how I create this look in less thank 30 minutes.

Now you may be thinking will I have to use expensive hair tools and products to achieve this look? The answer is no! You can find the tools I used from you local drugstore and Sally Beauty stores in you local neighborhoods. The products I used I have been using for over a month now and I completely love them and would totally recommend them to use.

What you will need and why are:

A Vented Paddle Brush: The one I use is by Revlon and I like to use this one to brush out all of the tangles out of the hair, so that the hair is nicely separated and even. As a result, when you apply your styling products the hair will gone on even. If you can not find the same exact brush any vented paddle brush will do. In addition to being a get brush to separate the hair this brush is also used to aid in blow drying the hair too!
A Boar Hair Brush: If great for blending in your natural hair in with the extension or weave. Since I do have some of my natural hair exposed at the crown and nape of my head this brush is great for blending and smooth the hair into the extension. It also creates a nice shine to the hair too!
Curling Iron: The curling that I love to use is Hot Tools by Helen of St. Troy. The Hot Shot Tools Ceramic Tourmaline Curling Iron creates soft, shiny beautiful hair. Professional features include ceramic and tourmaline plates that emit gentle far-infrared heat and passive negative ions to preserve hair’s natural moisture, seal the cuticle and eliminate frizz. Hair is soft, conditioned and radiant. Pulse Auto Heat Control provides precise temperatures for uninterrupted, consistent heat. The Hot Shot Tools Ceramic Tourmaline Curling Iron heats up quickly and heat recovery is instant. I love this Iron and I love the fact that it heats up quickly and even. I use the 450 setting. Hot Shot Tools Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron $29.99
TRESemme Curl Activator Spray: This product defines and freezes curls that are formed with the heat from a curling iron. Its vitamin-enriched formula supplies the moisture curls need to prevent stubborn flyaways. It’s ideal for hair that usually doesn’t keep waves – the lightweight holding polymers combine flexibility and holding power for perfect long-lasting ringlets. You can TRESemme Curl Activator Spray at any drugstore for $4.99
Garnier Fructis: This versatile hairspray with natural bamboo extract, Provides 24-hour, bounce back hold — even in 90% humidity! It gives you firm control over any style. The Hold Level: Ultra Strong. How to use: Hold can 10-12 inches from hair and spray in even, all-around motion. GARNIER Fructis Style Anti-Humidity Hairspray Full Control 8.25oz. $7.00
Hair Clips: Any hair clips will do to help section off your hair and make it easier to style smaller sections at a time. You can find these cute little clips at any local beauty supply store, sally beauty, and any drugstore as well. I purchased mine from my local beauty supply store. The package came with 9 clips for $2.99. So they are very affordable.


  1. First comb out and section off hair. If it helps to section the hair off into quarter with your hair clips then do so.
  2. Take the very first section and spritz hair very lightly with the TRESemme curl activator spray.
  3. Then take a small 1 inch section of hair a curl the hair on the barrel of the curling iron and curl the hair away from the hair. Hold the iron there for a few seconds and the release the hair from the iron and let the curl cool off. Letting the curl cool off will help it maintain it’s curl.
  4. Continue to curl the remainder of the hair.
  5. Once all sections are curled to your liking use your fingers to comb through the curls to loosen then curls up, so that they will end up big and wavy!
  6. Now begin to blend your natural hair, if it is exposed with the boar hair paddle brush into the extensions and once that it is done you are ready for the final step which is spritzing your hair with the Garnier Fructis spray in order to help the hair hold its style and block humidity too!

Once you have completed this you will have beautiful big wavy curls for sure!! I hope that you enjoyed this information and if you would like to have more tutorials like this or have any suggestions for tutorials for hair styles with extensions please leave some comments below.

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  1. Charde' says

    Good Morning!

    I LOVE this style and it is exactly what I am looking for. I am in the process of picking new hair for another sew in. I have used my Saga Gold Remy Yaki for two sew-ins and I purchased the hair January/2010. You mentioned the hair you were using but I did not recognize the name. Can you please elaborate?

    Thank you!

    • Natasha says

      Hi Charde’

      The hair that I am wearing is by Lord & Cliff Art and it is the remi gold human hair! I purchased this from my local beauty supply store for $99 per bag, but I a, sure that you can find this online too. So far I am loving this hair and I just filmed an update video on this hair and it will be on youtube very soon. in the meantime stay tuned for my review of this hair on my blog too.
      Have a great day ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Your posts have entertained for awhile now, and Iโ€™ve thoroughly enjoyed the information that can be found here. Thank you

  3. This worked like a charm on my hair. Thank you thank you for the suggestions.

    • Natasha says

      You are so welcomed!! I am glad that this worked, because I know this can be tough at times to style out.

  4. Thank you. I tried it and it worked.:)

  5. Rostina says

    Hi Tasha I love this video! Well I love all your videos! I have been trying to get big wavy curls like that for a while and I l=thinf its hard to achieve because when I go to have extensions put in I get the hair layered. My question is did your hair dresser layer the extensions after putting them on or did she keep the hair all one lenght or is it layered in the front and long in the back? I just want to know should I tell my hairdresser to keep the hair long.

    • Natasha says

      My hairdresser cute the layers after the hair was sew in. She layered the front and back.

  6. Rostina says

    Also what's the length of the hair in this video?

  7. llehsal says

    Hi hi, was just wondering how many packs of the hair you used.
    Thanks much

  8. Ashley says

    Hi Tasha,
    Do you use the same products to get these curls with your Halley's Curls hair?

    • Natasha says

      I actually do. The salon relaxed hair from halleys curls has a straight memory to me so using this products helps retain the curls much longer for me.

  9. i watched your video on curling extensions, my curls were not holding. followed your intructions, any pointers. never really used a curling iron before, always used hair rollers

    • Natasha says

      What kind of hair are you curling. I am learning over the course of time that the extensions with the body wave holds curls much longer. Right now I am wearing halleys curls gentle wave relaxed hair and man this hair holds curls wonderfully even without using and holding spray or hair spray on this hair. Check it out over at I will be doing a video review on this hair very soon!!

      • chade' says

        I also still have my Saga Gold 10 inch I’ve been reusing since March/2010. My curls hold without any spray for days.

  10. Hello,
    Did you cut your weave into that style and what type of cut is it.
    DK ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. How many bags of hair did u have on? Is my first time getting extensions

  12. and is that brown u have on

  13. Hello is it ok to try this with a flat iron?

  14. i have a problem with curling my exstentions, ill take the time to curl it and use a huge amount of hair spey but only till midway threw the night it will fall out loosely ๐Ÿ™ i simply have run out of ideas or ways to keep it up

  15. I was trying to get this look and didnยดt know how until I found you and this video, hahaha… Thank you!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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