P90X Round 2: Week 1 & 5 Pounds Gone!

Hey you all, like is said in my last video, Tasha is going for another round of P90X!! Round 2!! Last week began round 2 with a new meal plan and new goals to achieve as well. In round 2 I could shed off more weight and return back to my healthy weight of 168 pounds!! Last week began round 2 and my hubby is going along for the ride too! It is nice to have a workout buddy. Having a buddy to workout with makes me workout harder, because I am so darn competitive at times, lol. And, it also helps me keep in track of my form through out each workout. At the beginning of the 2nd round my weight began at 188 pounds. When I weighed in on Saturday my weight was:

  • 183 pounds!! Lost 5 pounds this week!!!

Now I know for sure that I will not continue to lose weight like this every week, but it was awesome to have that jump start with exercising and the new meal plan too! I am so geeked and excited to be into week 2 again! For more details of how this week went check out my video below for more details!

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  1. Caitlin says

    Hi Tasha!

    Congratulations on making it through round one of P90X, you look amazing!!! I had a quick question about the new meal plan you featured in your video: the first meal you showed that you said you were going to eat around 10 am would count as your mid-morning snack, right? Then the second meal would be your lunch and the third meal would be your mid-afternoon snack followed by your dinner (which wasn’t shown)? I’m just trying to figure out if I should be eating a larger mid-morning/afternoon snack since I’m currently only eating a piece of fruit and a string cheese for both snacks but I don’t know if that’s enough to see large weight loss results like you had!

    Any feedback is appreciated!

    Thanks so much,

    • Natasha says

      Hi Caitlin,

      This is what I am going by. It’s long, but you can use this as a guide:
      1950 Calories
      975 calories carbs
      975 calories protein/fat

      meal 1:

      3 oz cereal: Oatmeal
      ½ cup skim milk 45
      4 egg whites 68

      Meal 2:
      1/3 cup cooked rice or 2.5 oz potato 76
      3 oz chicken or 4 oz tuna140
      ½ cup mixed vegs or 4 oz carrot or 1/3 cup peas 40

      Meal 3:
      ½ cup cooked rice or 4 oz potato109
      4 oz chicken or 5.5 oz tuna196
      ½ cup mixed or ¼ cup corn or 5 oz broccoli 40

      Meal 4:
      ½ cup cooked rice or 4 oz potato109
      3 oz chicken or 4 oz tuna oz sole140
      ½ cup mixed or 5 oz cauliflower or 4 cup salad 40

      Meal 5:
      1/3 cup cooked rice or 2.5 oz potato 76
      4 oz chicken or 5 oz halibut 196
      4 oz carrot or 5 oz green beans or 4 oz oriental vegs 40

      Meal 6:
      1/3 cup cooked rice or 2.5 oz potato 76
      4 oz chicken or 5.5 oz tuna or 4.5 oz turkey196
      ½ cup peas or 2/3 cup mixed or 6 oz carrot 60

      I typically eat every 2-3 hours and you will know because you stomach will tell you it is time too eat. Also I drink 88-98 ounces of water a day too!

  2. Charde' says

    Hi Tasha!
    I have been mearning to come back to the site and post a comment but after you posted your results from round 1 you motivated me to start.  My fiance' was already doing the Classic and he started in May.  I was working 4-6 days per week doing a combination of strength training and running.  I read the book the Abs Diet and it totally motivated me to change my eating habits a few months ago.
    After I saw your results I was like, "Let me just get to it!"  I am doing Lean and I'm in week 6 now.  I have tried to make sure that I don't "cheat" the program so I am doing 90 workouts and not just 90 days.  I believe I started on 6/28/10 and today I completed Day (workout) 28. 
    I'm enjoying the variation to my routine. I think I'll do classic when I finish with this one.  My fiance' is mad at me for not doing the "90" days and trying to do extra workouts.  I'm normally able to get in 6-7 days but sometimes I can only do 5 and it's super ambitious to plan two workouts in one day.
    I normally wake up around 4:45am and I'm able to start working out around 5:00-5:15.  I prefer morning workouts because if I wait until after work I'm trying to come up with reasons why I'm too tired to work out allllllllll day.
    How is round 2 going?

    • Natasha says

      round 2 came to a stop when I decided to join martial arts with my son! So now I get my workout in 2-3 days a week with taekwondo and of the 1-2 day I will do P90X. Right now I am still maintaining my loss with P90X now I am trying to get to my goal now. 15 pounds to go!! I may start posting my fitness video again soon!


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