Fitness With P90X: Week 6 & 7 Results

I was just thinking to myself that time has went by fast with my journey with my weight loss and getting fit with the P90X program!! I can’t believe how far I have come and how much stronger I am know and how much stronger and lighter I will be at the end of this journey, continuing in the future. I totally lost track of time and can’t believe that I did not share with my blog readers my results for week 6. I did make a post on my youtube channel, but not here. So definitely watch week 6 video before skipping to watch week 7’s video, lol.

Week 6 Vlog:

My Stats:

  • Jan 8th: Start weight: 198lbs
  • Jan 15th: 198lbs (no gain/lose)
  • Jan 22nd: 196 (-2lbs) Yeah!! A loss and I will take it!
  • Jan 29th: 196 (no gain/lose) But I lost inches!!
  • February 5: 195 (-1lbs) totaling 3 pound for the fist 4 weeks!
  • February 13th: 194 (-1lbs) totaling 4 pounds in 5 weeks!
  • February  20th: 192 (-2lbs) totaling 6 pounds in 6 weeks
  • February 27th: 190.5 (-1.5lbs) totaling 7.5 pounds in 7 weeks!! Getting excited for the next coming weeks!!

Week 7 was okay minus a few challenges that I will explain in the video. How I made it through it and felt accomplished! I am feeling lighter in each step I take and when I have hard days I just think about the quote Tony Horton says which is “Do your best and forget the rest”. This just makes me keep going and my me try harder and make goals to get better.

All and all I am happy with my progress and feeling wonderful. To everyone that is getting fit keep strong and keep going!

Week 7 Vlog:

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  1. i have a cheat meal every other week also, but i only have 1 item. mainly its mexican and i eat the chips and salsa. but i still stick to my plan for the most part. good job, u are averaging 1 lb a week and that is awesome!!!

    • Natasha says

      Thanks girl! I do look forward to my cheat meal. I just feel balanced. I am hoping to see 188lbs this Friday coming so that I can have 10lbs off for sure!! Then on to the next 10lbs 🙂

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