Fitness With P90X (Day 29 & First Day Of Nutrition Guide)

Today is the beginning of week 5 and it is on! Today I did Core Synergistics and it was the first day of me creating the recipes from the P90X nutrition guide! The meal plan that I am following is the fat shredder 1 1800 calorie plan. As you saw in my previous post I went on a food haul an purchased items for my first few days of the meal plan. I will tell you now. It you are going to follow this plan you will be cooking a lot. I am not kidding. I did not finish cooking and eating my dinner until 9pm this evening, so definitely plan ahead will be key. Get everything you need for each meal, so that you do not end up making multiple trips the grocery store like me looking for arrowroot and such.

Today, I created the following:

Breakfast was yummier than expected. I was so worries about having the mushroom omlette with only egg whites, but it was delish! I also had the cottage cheese and a serving of strawberries too along with water.

My snack was the Atkins protein bar, Lunch was the chef salad according to the nutrition guide and my afternoon snack was the 2oz of soy nuts along with water of course.

Lets say dinner was a challenge. Why? I got home from work 7pm and it was time to cook this meal. And, it was a LOT of cooking. I had to get my rice, salmon and asparagus cooking along with the lemon dill sauce and the red pepper soup too. First challenge I did not have the arrowroot! So, I had to run to the grocery store I find it and it was like a needle in a haystack, for real. Luckily a kind gentle helped me locate it. There reason why this was important because it is the key ingredient that make the lemon dill sauce thicker.

So I finally returned home to cook. Once that was squared away I had to chopped lots of veggies to make the soup which by the way make 20 servings. So you will have a lot a soup for a while. Now you all are probably wondering how did everything taste. Well. . . The salmon with the sauce was delicious. I will definitely have this again. The asparagus and rice was also good!! The soup on the other hand was okay. . . It had a peppery oniony taste that was tolerable and I will eat it again! I also added 1 tablespoon of protein powder to the soup as well. So overall, everything was good today. I just will have to prepare more time and cook some meals ahead of time for sure.

I am curious to know. . . have anyone of you tried the meals in this plan? What are your thoughts? Let me know. Well until next time I will chat later ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Great post, for me eating healthy is the hardest part of fitness training

  2. We (husband and I) loved the salmon, the wild rice and asparagus. We HATED the lemon dill sauce. It was extremely sour and to be able to have it we had to add other ingredients like milk and sugar. I would never have done it this way. Remove the lemon, the lemon grass and just add 1 cup of wine for 2 cups of stock and reduce, plus shallots, dill and salt.. You don’t need arrowroot. Use cornstarch. It’ll do the same. I couldn’t make the soup – no time, too much cooking and too much food. I’m going to simplify this diet. I’ve been a cook for over 20 years and unless you like sour stuff, reduce anything acidic in the recipes. The rest is fine! Love the shakes. The Recovery Drink (orange) taste as good as drinking champagne. The Whey powder + milk is delicious. We’re waiting for my choc Shakeology and snack bars to come in the mail. .First day push ups were hilarious. I could hardly do more than 5. I’m sure it’ll get better as I go along. I spent over $300 for food for the first week (Whole Foods). I realize it was food for really 2 weeks for 2 people. P90X $150, plus shakes, bars, recovery drink, whey $200 equipment $250 and $300 on food for the first week! Oh my! Hope it works! It’s definitely not cheap or easy to do.

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