Diaries Of A Lush Junkie: Lush Haul Time

Yes, I am calling this post the Diaries of A Lush Junkie! I am so addicted to this wonderful store that I went back for a third time to get more of my favorites and some new things during the first week in August. Now you all know I love my Lushies in Austin for sure, but this time I decided to visit another store. You may be thinking why did I cheat on my Lushies in Austin, right? Well. . .Here is my story, lol. My family and I was on a road trip to Allen, TX during August 5-7th for my very first ATA tournament ever! On the first night there we were just looking around enjoying the venue until I noticed some awesome shopping right across the street from our Courtyard Marriot hotel that we were staying at. So, I thought to myself humm. . . I wondered if there was a Lush store around, so I googled and was happy to find a Lush in Macy's at the Fairview Heights Mall across from our hotel. You can imagine I was in HEAVEN.

I had my hubby and son come along for the experience and then they left me to explore which was a big mistake because I can shop like crazy, hee hee. While I was there I was working with Luceile, who totally rocks! She welcomed me to the store and recongnized who I was from youtube, so I was excited!! She gave me the most wonderful hand message and show me new things to try out and of course purchase. I had such a great time!!


Thank you Luceile for such a wonderful experience!! If any of you live in the Allen/Fairview area you can check them out on twitter @ Lush_fairviewTX and on facebook you can "like" their page which is: http://www.facebook.com/LUSHFairview. Otherwise just visit them at Lush inside Macy's at Fairview heights Mall. Now back to what I picked up!

My Goodies I love:

  • Honey I Washed The Kids Soap: This time I purchase a 1/2 pound in order for me to slice it in smaller pieces.
  • The Sultana of Soap Soap
  • Vanillary Perfum Solid
  • Heavanilli Massage Bar
  • Two Butterball Bath Bomb
  • Dorothy Bubble bar
  • Ickie the Robot
  • Samples: Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter (amazing! Your feet or hands will be super soft after using this!!), Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub, and Coco Lotion Hand and Body Lotion. I like the packaging of the samples too! I think I will keep the sample jars for refillable travel containers. In addition to that I also got a sample of the dream lotion and the dream wash shower smoothie too! I think I will be picking most of the full sizes when I go back to my Lush store in the Austin area!

When it comes to my soaps I decided to pick up 1/2 pound sizes of my favorites. I figure this will reduce the chances of me running out for quickly. I can slice of a piece and wrap up the remainder for later. I totally recommend that!

My favorites!!


Overall, I am happy with my purchases again! And, trust me I can not wait to have another haul too because the samples above will be on my next list. Alright, now I know I can not be the only lush addict out there. How about you? What are you favorites that you absolutely can not live without? Leave your comments below because I would love to know!!

Diaries of A Lush Junkie Video

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Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics Haul #2 & Forever 21 Haul!

Hey my beauty chameleons!! How are you all doing this summer? I hope you all are having fun sporting some of your new looks while enjoying this summer with your friends and family. I know I am having fun with my family with mini vacations here and there and at the same time I have been hauling and experimenting with news things that I can not wait to share with you all in the next coming weeks.

In the meantime, I made another trip to the Lush store here in Austin and decided to pick up a few things for me and my son too! I have to say we had a great time at the Lush store. This time around I took my son with me so that he can play and check out some soapsand  colorful bombs that he could try during bath time as well! Let me tell you, the associates at the Lush store is soooo amazing! They made my son's experience a fun one. They showed my son how to create a bubble bath with the bath bars and after they created the bath the sales associate told my son to place some bubbles in his hands and give him a bubble high five and OMG. . . my son was in heaven!! I though that was so cute! Needless to say he ended up with a few finds of his own and left with his own Lush bag and we even snuck over to Amy's ice cream for a treat afterwards too!

Anyway. .  so what did I get? Let's get started:

Creamy Candy Bubble Bar,$7.25 This is still my favorite bubble bar!! It smells sweet and create big frothy bubbles to soak in when you need that nice spa feeling from a long day at work. This sweet, pink,heavenly treat smells like a vanilla candy and is sure to make you smile. It smells delicious and contains cocoa butter and almond oil for supremely softened skin.

Dorothy Bubble Bar, $5.95. I got this one for this my son because he loves rainbows and this bar had a nice fresh scent to it and did not smell feminine. So this one is safe if you have little boys that love bath time. If you love our Figs and Leaves soap, you'll love Dorothy. You can lounge in the blue waters and inhale the scent of orange blossoms and fresh fruit.

Ickle Baby Bot bath bomb, $3.95: This is another item I purchased for my little man. He loved what this one dissolve. During bath time my son would say mommy this robot is shrinking, lol. Lush says, drop it in the bath with baby bots to calm them down. They'll soon be dreaming of electric sheep with a sleep-inducing combination of lavender and sandalwood oils.

Butterball Bath Bomb$4.95:If you want hydration this is the bomb to get! It is not very decorative, but it smells wonderful and delievers supreme moisture with the chucks of cocoa butter (not shea butter, I mentioned in the video.Opps!). I use this one after a long day of work and working out!

Pink Bath Bomb $4.75: This one is fragranced with tonka bean's edgy aroma and the sweetness of vanilla absolute. I believe this one also produces little pink hearts when it explodes in the tub! It's kind of cool to see the heart float around in the water!

Creamed Almond and Coconut Shower Smoothie, $19.99: I was given this as a sample and at first I thought it was a scrub, but to my surprise it was a cleanser that is great for someone with dry skin. According to Lush the Creamed Almond and Coconut is for days when your skin is in need of care and attention. We like it best for the shower, but if you haven't got one, you can stand up in the bath to smooth the fluffy, moisturizing and creamy soap all over you.

Honey I Washed The Kids Soap $7.95: My constant favorite.

Sultana of Soap Soap $5.95: I truly, truly love this soap for the days I want to smell clean and powder fresh! I just ran out of this soap and I am heading back to the Lush store this weekend to purchase more of this more for sure!!

Vanilla Puff Powder Dusting Powder, $9.95: This is a new purchase for me! I have to say I love the scent of this layered over my heavenilli lotion bar. And. .  my skin feels so silky smooth!!

Heavanilli Massage Bar $9.95: My absolute favorite and will never stop getting this one! The smell is just fabulous and my hubby loves this scent on me.

I can't believe I found a new addiction like this other than makeup! I swear when you need somethings to give you that spa experience at home Lush is definitely the spot to go to for that. It is a little pricey, but is totally worth it in my book. Anyway, stay tuned I have so much I want to share with you, but it is looking like I may have to wait until my kiddo is in school in order for me to have more time to film and blog.

Everyone have a fabulous day!

Tasha 🙂

Oh yeah! At the end of the video I will be sharing with you a few things I picked up at Forever 21!! Help me out with a belt decision in the video. What kind of belt should I get?? Send me some links for ideas!


Lush Haul & Forever 21 Haul Video



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Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics: My First Lush Haul

Hey divas! How are you all today? I hope well and fabulous! Well. . . If you all follow me on facebook and twitter you all now that I recently went on my first ever Lush haul since they opened a new Lush store in the Austin area!! Yes, that's right my Austin Chameleon's there is a Lush store in our area it is located at:

Lush Fred Handmade Cosmetics, 1012 W. 6th Street, Austin, TX 78703, Phone: 512.524.4459

Otherwise if you don't live close to a Lush store you can shop LUSH Cosmetics by clicking the link provided. Some of you may ask what is Lush? Well Lush is a company the that creates Fresh Handmade bath and body products that are from fresh, organic fruit and vegetables. According to Lush they stand by the following:

We believe in making effective products from fresh, organic* fruit and vegetables, the finest essential oils and safe synthetics.

We invent our own products and fragrances. We make them fresh by hand using little or no preservative or packaging, using only vegetarian ingredients, and tell you when they were made.

We believe in buying ingredients only from companies that do not commission tests on animals and in testing our products on humans.

We believe in happy people making happy soap, putting our faces on our products and making our mums proud.

We believe in long candlelit baths, sharing showers, massage, filling the world with perfume and in the right to make mistakes, lose everything and start again.

We believe our products are good value, that we should make a profit and that the customer is always right.

**Source Lushusa.com

I was first introduced to Lush from Youtube. I am subscribed to Makeupdoll and MakeupbyTiffanyD and when I saw there video hauls on the amazing Lush I totally wanted to give them a try, but there was not Lush in my area at the time and when it comes to smell goods I have to see it touch it smell it before I buy at times. Later a few years back My hubby and I went to Vegas and there was a lush store there and let me tell you I wanted to go in and try and play, but my hubby's allergies was killing him, so that was a fail too!

It was not until recently, that I was on Facebook earlier this year and Lush announced that they were opening a store in Austin this spring. When I read that I was on cloud 9 which lead me to this amazing haul!! I went crazy and I did not mind too because the customer service was out of site!! The lady that helped me out was so kind and very informative. She gave me a tour of the store and honed in on what my favorite scent were and helped me find the perfect match for me.

My favorite scents are: Vanilla, Honey, Caramel, Gardenia, Jasmine, and anything sweet scented, so with that said I picked up the following:


  • Butterball Bath Bomb: The Butterball is unassuming, but it's an all-time favorite with customers and staff alike. It smells of vanilla and delicious custard creams. It also has chunks of cocoa butter that melts in the water and moisturize the skin as you bathe. This one try does! It tested one with my son, he has very dry skin around his calf areas of his legs and when I placed this in the water there was an explosion of excited from my son when he say the bomb fizz up and the chuck of cocoa butter did melt and moisturize his skin! Even my hands and arms felt soft and hydrated too. This bomb sells for $4.95 and I purchased 2. One for me and one for my little man.
  • Mrs. Whippy bath bomb, $4.95: I can not believe that I kept calling this one "Mr. Whippy" in the video, lol.  But this one is described as powdered soya milk in the middle, so the water becomes extra softened when the Bath Bomb fizzes down to the centre. Jack Constantine created this one for his wife; he wanted a soothing, creamy bath that would relax her and leave her skin as soft as a vegan alternative to silk. Although she looks shamefully like a whipped strawberry meringue, Mrs. Whippy would be none too pleased if you took a bite! Instead, drop her in your bath water to fill your tub with delectable strawberry ice cream scented foam. Mrs. Whippy is a bit slow at fizzing, so she`s best for long indulgent soaks. Caution:This bath bomb is very fragile and could crack or crumble during shipping. But their performance in the bath will be as good as ever.
  • Vanilla Fountain Bath Bomb, $6.25: Vanilla Fountain is a decadent desert bath made with vanilla absolute (the posh stuff made from pods) and rich tonka absolute. Inspired by lavish English deserts, it's comforting and deeply sweet, with notes of burnt caramel that last on your skin and waft through the house so you can enjoy it for hours. Simon Constantine invented this delicious new fragrance; we loved it so much we just had to have an entire fragrance line, and we got what we wished for! Layer on the vanilla! This is another bomb that explodes in the warm water and smells so yummy!!
  • Honey I Washed The Kids Soap, $7.95: Once you've unwrapped this mouth-watering toffee scented soap, you'll immediately want to wash yourself all over with it – and then wash your honey, and then the kids and maybe even gran if she's lucky. With masses of honey and aloe, this delectable bar is perfect for washing the whole family, even those with sensitive skin. Topped with a slice of beeswax and infused with bergamot and sweet orange to lift spirits right up into honey-heaven. I love this one and I will definitely be purchasing this one again. I am almost out of this lovely!
  • Bohemian Soap, $7.50: The lemon essential oil in Bohemian serves many purposes; it clears and refreshes your mind in the morning to help wake you up, it cleanses and tones skin (so it really keeps artistic types clean even if they can't afford a hot bath very often), and it is said to help inspire creativity. One of our simplest, yet most beautiful creations, this is one of the first soaps LUSH ever made. Man! Do I love this one too especially when I want that lemony fresh feeling! It almost smells as yummy as a lemon custard pie. Hummm. .
  • Creamy Candy Bubble Bar, $7.25: For fluffy white mountains of creamy, candy-scented bubbles, crumble a Creamy Candy Bar under running water and climb in. This sweet, pink,heavenly treat smells like a vanilla candy and is sure to make you smile. It smells delicious and contains cocoa butter and almond oil for supremely softened skin. If you need a pick-me-up, you're sure to be delighted by Creamy Candy. If you love Juicy Couture's Viva La Juicy you will love this one. I love the fact that when I broke this bar apart and dropped it into the running water the most beautiful and frothy bubbles were created! This is also next on my list to buy again. I will also have to find a bubble bar for my son! He would love to see how this bar create bubbles!! Science!
  • Heavanilli Massage Bar, $9.95: Lush loved the smell of Vanillary so much we just had to put it in everything, and the thought of rubbing a cocoa butter Vanillary scented massage bar all over ourselves got us quite excited. So we infused the bar with sweet and seductive vanilla and tonka bean absolute for a rich and sexy massage. We like to rub this all over ourselves, dust with Vanilla Puff duster and walk around sniffing our own arms and legs; you've been warned, it's what Vanillary does to you. I love this bar because my body is drier than my face however if you have oily skin you may want to buy the powder that goes with this one for a semi matte finish to your skin!
  • Sweet Lips lip scrub, $8.95: Sweet Lips is the lip scrub for chocolate fanatics. It smells like a bar of creamy milk chocolate. Vanilla extract keeps your lips moisturized, castor sugar gently exfoliates, and the rich, deep fragrance of cocoa absolute gives this an irresistible flavour. It's meant for exfoliating and softening your lips, but it's rather tasty too. Rub it over your lips when they're feeling the need for some chocolate and sugar. They are not kidding when they say this scrubs is tasty! When I exfoliated by lips and tasted it man does it taste like a chocolate candy! Makes me feel like I am cheating on my diet, lol.

Overall!! I enjoyed my haul and experience with the Lush store in Austin and I totally recommend for you to experience it yourself. This would totally be a great girls afternoon out on the downtown Austin for shopping and such! I know I will be visiting the store again in May to replenish my favorites and maybe try some new ones too!!

My First Lush Haul Video








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Bubble Babez Bath Co Review: New Samples Sizes & More!

Hey all! I just recently received a package from my new favorite bath & body company called Bubble Babez Bath Company! If you haven't read my previous post about the bubble Babez Bath Company Click "Here" for more info about the company and my previous haul. Anyway, since that post and haul I was very impressed with my purchases of my Pretty In Pink Bath & Coco loco as well as my Honey Chile Bath Bomb to the point they are almost all gone!! I am not kidding I loved the items so much!! So, they will definitely be on my next order!

In the meantime, the Bubble Babez Bath Company was so nice to send me a special package of items for me to try and share with you all. The items sent to me was another bath bomb, called Diamond Diva, a Come and Get It sugar scrub, and Kiddie soap for my son (and let me tell he was so excited to receive a present from Nikkie! He had the biggest smile ever because he loves to smell goo too, lol) called Gianni. The new item she sent me is something new that is available now on the Bubble Babez website.They now offer sample soaps! That's right sample soaps! You know how you get a sample soaps from other bath companies and they give you literally a sliver size of the soap? Well, at bubble babez you actually get a baby version of the full sizes! Not just 1, but 5 samples for $4.50. I thought that was amazing because now you can try a decent size before you buy the full size, fabulous!

Here are my Bubble Babez Goodies




Diamond Diva, $5.00: Is A huge bath bombs designed for a nice relaxing bath in-order to get you body to relax with the soothing scent of Lavender.  To top it off this gorgeous bath bomb is bedazzled with a little touch of glitter for you glam divas out there.

Come & Get It Sugar Scrub, $6.00:  Has a beautiful feminine scent of rose. This package comes with 6 cubes of  sugar scrubs that you can use to buff and shine your body with. All it takes is just 2 cubes to massage and reveal beautiful smooth skin.

Gianni Soap (Kiddie Corner) $6:00: This soap was not for me, lol. However it was sent as a special gift from my son! He was so excited like I mention before! I personally loved that this soap smelled like a baby scent. Like Johnson & Johnson. You know we never want are little ones to grow up, but this was perfect for him. He love that he felt squeaky clean and I loved that the product was gentle for his young skin too. The soap is almost gone! He loves it that much!

Samples I received ( On the site you can get 5 samples for $4.50): 

Up in The Clouds (Candy Shop): Smells Like cotton candy to me! Very sweet and fun!

Guaca Melly (Fruit Stand): Is an avocado soap with exfoliating apricot seeds and is scented with cucumber melon. This one smell just yummy and if you are familiar with Koren from EnKore Makeup on youtube he name this tantalizing soap! I think this will be my next favorite!!

The Signature Soap (Perfumery): This soap was handcrafted by Tristian. When you purchase the full size you will notice the cute rubber duck on the inside of the soap. The soap is scented with Strawberry Champagne! This is another soap my son would take from me since he love rubber duckies, lol.


Overall, I am totally satisfied with the goodies the Bubble Babez Bath Co sent to me and I can not wait to run out of my items so that I can place another order with them very soon. Have you tried Bubble Babez bath products? What are you favorites and why? I would love to know!


My Bubble Babez Video Review

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Bath & Body Review: The Bubble Babez Bath Company

Are you a bath and body junkie like me at times? I love smell goods from designer fragrances like Flora by Gucci, Michael Kors, Miss Dior Cherie, and Juicy Couture’s Viva la Juicy to Bath & Body Works and Lush products. In addition to my addiction to makeup I also love bath and body that smells divine and looks fabulous too. With that said, I was going through my collection of bath and body products and noticed that I was very look on my favorites. So, instead of going to my local Lush or Bath and Body store I decided to check out my girl’s, who is also known as Nikkie20six on youtube, new company called, The Bubble Babez Bath Company!

I love to support small businesses that are breaking their way into the beauty mainstream. Businesses like The bubble Babez Company work hard to create products for their customers to genuinely fall in love with. As you all know I am on youtube, NHOP76, and I am also subscribed to Nikkie20six. I found out about the company’s release early this year and after hearing so many great reviews and of course being out of stock of my favorites I had to place an order. I placed an order because they carry a bar soap called Pretty in Pink which resembles the same scent as my FAVORITE fragrance called,

Viva La Juicy Gift Set Viva La Juicy Gift Set

This Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Gift Set includes 1.7 oz Eau de Parfum Spray, 4.2 oz Body Lotion, and 4.2 oz Shower Gel. A $106 Value.

by Juicy Couture!! So, I was in love already not to mention some of the other great products they have available for your entire family on top of great gifts from any special occasion too!

My order arrived fairly quickly and when I opened the box I was blown away by the beautiful scents that began to fill my home! I totally was ready to use the products that night, but I said calm down wait. . . And share this amazing products with your beauty chameleon family! So, I did because love you all so much.

Here is what I received:

  • #5 Honey Chile Bath Bomb That is topped with sugary butterflies with the scent of sweet honey and almond blend. This product is made to with luxurious milk powders, oils and butters that moisturize and leaves the skin feeling smooth. $5.00 each
  • #24 Coco Loco Bar soap the is scented with the exotic coconut, $4.00 each
  • #25 Pretty In Pink. . . This is my favorite!! I am not kidding, This one is scented like Juicy Couture’s Viva La Juicy scent which has notes of gardenia, mandarin, caramel, vanilla and praline! I love this scent so that is why I purchased this soap. I actually used it in the shower and it smells divine and leave your skin squeaky clean. $6.00 This soap is so pretty!!

The Bubble Babez Bath Company was also so kind to included a note of appreciation and some extra goodies for me to try too! So, I was so delighted with that and such wonderful service from the company! I received a the following samples:

  • Oatmeal and Honey soap smells so much like a oatmeal cookie and I can images how moisturizing the honey will be for my skin. $5.00 each
  • #26 Boobalicious bar soap which smells like a yummy fruity pina colada with moisturizing  jojoba beads for gentle exfoliation of the skin. $4.00 each
  • Milk and Honey soap which has a scent of vanilla and honey!

I have been in scent heaven since I had received my goodies and I can not wait to soak in my beautiful scents from The Bubble Babez Bath Company. I a few minutes I will be testing out my honey chile bath bomb and I will update this post with my results. Anyway, stay tuned there will be a video review of my haul from the Bubble Babez Bath Company.


Ok. . . Ladies!! My bath was fabulous!! My honey chile bath bomb was so moisturizing to my body. When I placed the bath bomb in my bath water it dissolved and turned my bath water into a girlie pink color and my entire masterbath smelled wonderful! On top of that I used my pretty in pink bath soap and what a lather I got when I used it with my loofah. Not to mention the bath bar smelled like my Viva La Juicy! I am such a creature of habit and I will be placing another order with more pretty in pink and my honey chile bath bombs too! It would be nice if they made a body lotion with the same scent too (smile). But let me tell you, I am so happy with my order and I can’t wait to order things for myself and for my friends too!

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Review: LISTERINE Whitening Quick Dissolving Strips, Clean Mint

1195196968-08798_fullHey ladies!! If you have not seen my latest video posted on Youtube you should check it out because I completed a review on the LISTERINE Whitening Quick Dissolving Strips, Clean Mint, $19.99 (after coupon $14.99. Click on link for details). The reason why I decided to do this review because I personally wanted to brighten my smile without spending too much money since you all know I love to spend it on makeup and such related items. Earlier this month I was grocery shopping at my local grocery store and while I was strolling down the toothpaste isle I notice whitening products. Prior to my trip I was thinking about whitening my smile just because my teeth looked a little stained over this summer season,so my eyes immediately was drawn to the Listerine box. I have to be honest the price was alluring because it was on sale for only $19.99. So I grabbed the box and decided to give it a whirl.

So, I started this treatment earlier this month for 2 weeks straight. Consistency is key when using anything like this.  I have to say this product was easy for me to use. I like the fact that I could apply this strips after brushing my teeth and not worry about removing the strips. That was a plus. The second thing is that within 5-10 minutes the strip dissolved, so I could immediately eat or go about my day. Lastly, the strips did not make my teeth or gums feel achy or sore either. So, overall these wear great for $19.99

My process and results:

whitening college


Youtube Video

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Beauty Alert: Carol’s Daughter Lisa Price & Mary J Blige On Rachel Ray Show

21hwndevbil_sl500_aa125_Hey ladies!! The wonderful Lisa Price founder and owner of Carol’s Daughter along with Mary J Blige was on the Rachel Ray show yesterday talking about her company and the new body scrub they created just from Rachel Ray. If you’ve missed the show like I did click on this link Carol’s Daughter to view it in its entirety. I loved the show and I like that fact that Lisa Price demonstrates how to make the body scrub that she created for that show. Awesome!

By the way, I am loving my Carol’s Daughter Recipe for Gorgeous Hair Tui Gift Setof Hair products so far!! Breakage has decreased and less frizzy hair within a week. Yey!!

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: At Bliss Save $15 On Gifts For Mom

I can’t believe that Mother’s Day is right around the corner! I forget the exact day, but it is that time to get that thinking cap to work on some creative gifts ideas for your favorite moms in your life. To get you started, if you have a mom that loves to pamper herself with bath and body products then you should stop by Bliss to take advantage of their promo for Mother’s day. I use these products myself and they are perfect to keep the skin moist and young. My favorites are the Vanilla+Bergamot body butter, shower gel and body scrub!! Check it out by clicking on the banner below in order to save.

Bliss World, LLC


Bliss World, LLC

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Beauty: Carol’s Daughter Beauty By Nature

logo01Ever since I have seen Lisa Price and her story on the Oprah show I have been in love with the brand and the story behind. Have you ever wanted to try her line of products, but like me have tried yet? The line has been out since 1999 and has been very successful to this day. I work in beauty retail and I can’t believe how many request I get from women of all colors wanting to know where to Carol’s Daughter to purchase because it is so good! I am at the point where I would like to go out and try it finally. Haven’t heard of Carol’s Daughter yet and you are look for new skincare, hair and body products? Check out this video to get a snippet on how it all began for Lisa Price, owner and creator of Carol’s Daughter.

Here are some of Carol’s Daughter’s top selling products!


I can’t wait to go try and purchase some and you know there will be a product review coming too!

Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk 4oz-8oz, $12-$14. This lightweight, fast-absorbing lotion for the hair is made with essential oil of lemongrass to stimulate natural oil production and hydrate strands. Infused with a splash of lily of the valley fragrance in a rich base of oils, shea butter, cocoa butter, and vitamins E and C, Hair Milk is ideal for defining natural curls and giving hair loads of shine and bounce.What it is formulated WITHOUT:- Parabens- Sulfates- Synthetic Fragrances- Synthetic Dyes- Petro-Chemicals- Phthalates- GMO- TriclosanBest of Sephora Winner 2008.

Carol’s Daughter Tui Hair Smoothie (8 oz)An intense conditioning treatment. Benefits: New, bye-bye tangles recipe Rapa seed oil is rich in essential fatty acids, Omega-6 and Omega-3 and slips through strands for easy detangling. Nutrient-rich oils of olive fruit and and sunflower seeds boost shine. Rich shea and cocoa butters provide moisture and protect hair from weather damage, dryness and brittleness. Fragrance cocktail of guava, mango and passion fruit; Tui Hair Smoothie transports you to a tropical island. Tip: Treat your hair to a Smoothie as part of your ritual every time you shampoo. Spread throughout clean hair and massage gently. For daily conditioning, rinse out thoroughly after one minute. For deep conditioning, leave on for 5 15 minutes. Add a plastic cap and moderate heat for the most intense results (8 oz)$18.

Carol’s Daughter Almond Cookie Body Butter, 4 oz.Carol’s Daughter’s luxurious body butters are exceptionally rich in shea butter, cocoa butter and other natural moisturizers like almond, coconut and jojoba oils. Blended without water for a jam-like consistency, they leave the skin feeling soft, smooth and positively radiant. Say bye-bye to dry skin forever! Deliciously scented with sweet almond oil, vanilla and sandalwood.$18

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Lush: The Pink One Easter Gift

Easter is right around the corner and I know that you beauty chameleon are looking for some great ideas for Easter gifts for your friends and families!! I found something so cute that I could not resist sharing with you all. LUSH Bath & Spa Gifts has this cute Easter gift, The pink one Eater gift,  that can be a very nice treat to give to someone that in craving for some pampering.


What They Say about this product:
The lovely sweet egg shell is a limited edition Candy Fluff bath bomb, wrapped around a Flosty Gritter bubble bar and a specially shaped Rock Star soap. This scrumptious egg is perfect for letting someone know how sweet she is.

Candy Fluff Bath Bomb: This limited edition Candy Fluff bath bomb is only available with this gift. One whiff of this engaging cotton candy scent will drift you back to fun days spent at the fair. Just try not to let the sweetness of your skin give you a tooth ache.

Flosty Gritter Bubble Bar: The flirtatious vanilla and soothing lavender bubbles swirl together to create sweet scented bliss in your tub. These bubbles are guaranteed to add a little extra sparkle to your life (and skin).

Rock Star Soap: The creamy and sugary vanilla scent will make you feel as though you live like the rich and famous. Washing with this soap will guarantee that you are always camera (and paparazzi) ready.

Caution:Our Easter eggs may start to ‘hatch’ during transit as the egg shells are very fragile and could crack or crumble during shipping. But their performance in the bath will be as good as ever. If you are planning to give one as a gift, you may want to pick it up at your local LUSH store

Have anyone of you tried this line of products? I have seen lots of reviews out there that are quite intriguing to the point where I would like to purchase this little set to see what the hype is about. If you have tried this product please let a comment to share with us all.

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